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  1. Thank you very much. The full solution is:

    1. Correct the mistake in tame_dog.sqf like A Man said and move the file to <mission_name>.pbo
    2. Copy fn_selfActions.sqf to <mission_name>.pbo and change path in it to the new tame_dog.sqf
    3. Copy compiles.sqf to <mission_name>.pbo and change path in it to the new fn_selfActions.sqf
    4. Change path in init.sqf to the new compiles.sqf
    5. In publicvariableval.txt (Battleye) find the line 5 "call" !="dog_callBack" !="\[,<NULL-object>,\"say\",\[\"dog_callBack\",120\]\]" and change it to 1 "call" !="dog_callBack" (this prevents from server kicks when calling back a dog and from createvehicle count restriction kick when a huge amount of zombies nearby because of <NULL-object>)

    And there is an additional question: Is there a way to spawn the dog that player have already tamed every time the player connects to server until the dog or the player dies?

  2. Hello. I can't tame dog on my server. I added "dayz_tameDogs = true;" to "init.sqf" in mission *.pbo. When I use "Tame Dog" scroll menu on a dog I lose 1 raw meat, but nothing happens - not even failure message shows up. I have tried taming with all kinds of raw meat on different dogs. Leaving meat on the ground near a dog doesn't work either.


    1 hour ago, JasonTM said:

    setViewDistance definitely works. You might not notice a difference with only 2000 meters. You cannot increase the grass density in DayZ Epoch because  of the gdtmod_grass 1.00 patch.

    I set "setViewDistance" to 4000, but it is still 1600 on the server. Even in "server.ArmA2OAProfile" file "viewDistance" returns 1600. And I have already found out about "gdtmod_grass" (thanks for the reply anyway) - at least I can disable it on my client to enjoy the nature.

  4. Hello. I have set up a DayZ Epoch (Arma 2) server. But I can't change the number of zombies that must spawn due to player presence. Changing "dayz_maxLocalZombies" and "dayz_maxNearByZombies" (dayz_code\init\variables) did nothing. I have also tried "minRoaming" and "maxRoaming" for zombies in the "CfgLoot.hpp" (dayz_code\Configs\CfgLoot) and in each Building *.hpp (dayz_code\Configs\CfgLoot\Buildings), but that didn't help either.

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