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  1. Oh my god you are fudging kidding me! Thanks for the stringtable advice... This was the goshdarn issue. See, if you download by clicking on the download button you get the wrong stringtable. I literally had to copy the code and paste it into my existing stringtable. What a stupid issue i had. Thanks salival, for the help and for the mod. And no this shit aint easy for noobs like myself by the way.
  2. Alright I see. I'll just have to re-install the entire thing and try to do it the right way then. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hi, thanks for replying and taking your time to look at this. Yeah I know about the other scripts stuff, since I experimented and used another servers files later on to try to get this to work (which solved the dialogue option for the take clothes script, had that one missing too) . Hence why you see virtual garage stuff being all over the place , although I dont even have it installed. Okay, but ignoring the virtual garage stuff, even with the normal Fn_selfactions you uploaded in the mod, it wont work. So this probably is an issue regarding that the stringtable isnt installed correctly? How exactly would I install it(the stringtable)? I thought I was just supposed to drag and drop it into the mission folder, and the stringtable you linked is the exact same one in the mission folder (I imagine you mean the MPMission folder).
  4. Hi @salival , Im having some issues with my ZSC install. So the code executes and I can do things such as take coin from dead bodies, I can access bankers and deposit/take money. But I cant see the actual scroll menu for some reason. The scroll menu option is clearly there, but just invisible. Also the blue screen when you deposit money/take money, doesnt have any text but the blue box is there. I have tried to overwrite the code with your ZSC files exactly as they are supposed to be placed in the directory several times. I have even followed Jasons install video with no success on fixing this bug. I overwrote the fn_selfActions with your file also. Nothing works. If you could please take a look at this and point me in the right direction id be very very very grateful. Im posting a github of my mission pbo, server pbo and the client RPT. https://github.com/MarcusMollerHB/DZserver
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