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  1. Hey Everyone! A buddy of mine is making a Napf server but were discovering that it feels a bit barren sometimes so we are looking foir some interesting things to through into the server if anyone can help! Thank you.
  2. Were not dealing with WAI. Its Sarge. We originally started a Cherno Epoch Server and the AI acted as they should because we never touched the settings for Sarge. So all we did was transfer the data from Cherno to Napf and switched to Overpoch then all this mess started with the Sarge AI. We never changed the coding or the required humanity levels. Its just the Heros and Civilians shooting at us which is the big issue. So that answer does not help us unfortunately sorry.
  3. Hello everyone big question. One of my buddies has just made a Overpoch server on Napf and for some reason everytime a player goes and meets a Hero AI the Hero will just target that player regardless of what Humanity the player is. We have come to the conclusion that the mod ESSV3 is the cause for this issue but we desperately want to use the mod. Is there any way to fix this issue to possible change the faction of the player spawning into the server or that the Heros will not target players whether they are below the recommended Humanity amount or above it and then target the player if the have the humanity of a Bandit? To mention also we are using Sarge AI for our AI. Thank You!
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