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  1. The Challenge is to capture all the destinations [little red circles on the map] within a server restart. It's not so easy. xD You got to rent your own server from a host or however you want to do it. And set up the restart yourself. Set it to 4 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours, however you want. download the files here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xxnehszf6ww2nlg/DayZ_Overpoch_PBOs.rar?dl=0 Install 1. Extract files (if they need to be) 2. Open the folder you extracted and upload the PBO files to where they are suppose to go on your server . [You might need to change the name of Chernarus mission PBO] to what ever your server called the one your replacing. Otherwise it won't work. (example: dayz_1.chernarus, or DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus or DayZ_Epoch.Chernarus....you got to change that to fit what ever chernarus mission pbo you're replacing) You might even want to just rename your original PBOs by just putting ( .bak ) at the end or something. Just in case. Nice to have the original PBOs still there. 3. MAKE SURE YOU DISABLE BATTLEYE. You wont really need it anyway. I didn't edit any battleye scripts. You will pretty much get kicked for everything you do in game if you down disable Battleye. I added a teleport system to her you get around. As well as some side missions do teleport at times. There's also delete wall scripts, and item spawn scripts, and other little scripts that required battleye edits. So just disable BE or edit them yourself. It's all good. If you don't care about this challenge you can dig through the PBOs and find some fun stuff for your server...or not...up to you. OK! so back to the challenge, I guess just do your thing, capture as many destinations as possible before restart. -You can do this by going to each red circle (check your map) and scrolling on the flagpole in that area. After the flagpole is activated it disappears and the map marker turns from a red circle to a green circle. -You sometimes get a reward for each flagpole you capture, so make sure to make room in your inventory before you do this, so you get your reward. -There's a ton of hidden stuff and mysteries. So search the map and be aware of your surroundings there might be a secret right under your nose. Most traders will have side missions, but you got to look for them. *Scroll your mouse on stuff. SECRETS AND HIDDEN THINGS ALL OVER THE MAP (CUSTOMIZED EVERYTHING) *TIPS, HINTS, CLUES* *Scroll on any object that looks like a custom addition. Most of the time I put a red arrow pointing to the object or a red sphere. *It gets more difficult the further North you go. *If you can't find a door, Look for an object that teleports you inside. Or an object that deletes a wall. *There's secret traders pretty much everywhere to help you out. *No safezones, because I want you to die a lot. *There's a level up system, so your guns and gear get better with the more humanity you gain or lose. *There's about 7 Ai bases, but there's Ai everywhere. Carry an RPG if you get your hands on one. *Ai Apaches and helis are everywhere. APCs, Tanks, footpatrol. *WATCH OUT FOR AMBUSHES (You could see a helicrash site with nice loot, but as you drive up, Ai will spawn in out of nowhere and try to kill you. FAIR WARNING xD *I dont suggest driving in vehicles either, a bicycle is more safe. Hide in pine trees from apaches, and good luck with that if they find you. xD it takes a lot of patience to escape them. *The Factory in Cherno is a good place to start. There's a teleport near by to get you inside, once you're inside you're pretty much safe from the Ai. Check your map to find the marked teleports *Mogolevka Trader is a good place to trade. (Some traders are limited in what they sell.) Mogolevka has pretty much everything. *I added some bunkers that have the option to call an airstrike to help you out. *I also added 2 secret bunkers loaded with loot. You gotta teleport inside them by finding the teleport at some Ai bases and custom locations. *Check your tools and inventory items ((( a lot of items have a right click option....and stuff happens....deployable things mostly ))) *Theres a casino, and 2 banks to rob. FULLY MILITARIZED, except I didn't get a chance to add the Anzio and new stuff like that. You can do it though. THANKS TO THE DAYZ,EPOCH, OVERWATCH, OVERPOCH, AND WHAT EVER OTHER MODS AND STUFF I'M FORGETTING, THANKS TO THIS COMMUNITY AND BASICALLY ALL THE SCRIPTERS AND PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEIR ACTUALLY DOING AND MADE THIS GAME AS AWESOME AS IT IS. I LEARNED A LOT, BUT STILL KNOW SO LITTLE lol ALL THE PEOPLE THAT PUT IN THOSE HOURS TO FIGURE SHIT OUT TO EVOLVE THIS GAME TO WHERE IT IS TODAY. YOU'RE THE REASON WHY ITS SO GREAT! I just wanted to share this challenge and files with anyone who still plays. It's a good solo challenge, but better as a team. Hope you enjoy. -Caveman
  2. I updated the link for you. Thanks for letting me know. Also I believe this is for an older version of WAI. I'll have an update uploaded tomorrow.
  3. SECRET BUNKER THIS SCRIPT WAS UPDATED FEB 27th 2019 [fixed] fn_selfActions.sqf -teleport_out needed to be changed to teleport_in +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ASSUMING YOU HAVE A CUSTOM fn_self_Actions.sqf file ASSUMING YOU ALREADY HAVE WAI INSTALLED ASSUMING YOU ALREADY HAVE THE FALLEN SATELLITE MISSION INSTALLED BATTLEYE WILL NEED SOME EDITS. (NO BATTLEYE EXAMPLE AVAILABLE) +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ FROM THE OUTSIDE IT LOOKS LIKE AN ODDLY SHAPED MOUNTAIN. INSIDE THE MOUNTAIN IS THE SECRET BUNKER. YOU ACCESS THE BUNKER THOUGH A TELEPORT AT THE FALLEN SATELLITE MISSION. SCROLL ON THE LAPTOP AT THE MISSION TO GET THE TELEPORT OPTION. YOU CAN TELEPORT OUT OF THE SECRET BUNKER TO 1 OF 4 PLACES JUST SOUTH OF THE MOUNTAIN. IF YOU DONT WANT TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT THIS SURPRISE YOU CAN LET THEM FIGURE IT OUT. I PLACED A UN CRASHED HELICOPTER AT THE BASE OF THE MOUNTAIN. IT HAS A LITTLE BLACK BOX RADIO. IF A PLAYER SCROLLS ON THE BLACKBOX THEY WILL GET A MESSAGE ABOUT HOW TO ACCESS THE SECRET BUNKER. INSTALLATION DO THIS FIRST 1. Install this [Release] 5 New Missions for (WAI 2.2.5) 2. Download and unzip this https://www.dropbox.com/s/ugmnedyi0ywxpds/SECRET BUNKER.zip?dl=0 (SERVER SIDE ) Step 1 Take secretbunker and bunkercrates folders and put them in the root of your server PBO. Step 2 Open server_functions.sqf Step 3 FIND THIS BLOCK OF CODE array_reduceSize = { private ["_array1","_array","_count","_num"]; _array1 = _this select 0; _array = _array1 - ["Hatchet_Swing","Crowbar_Swing","Machete_Swing","Bat_Swing","BatBarbed_Swing","BatNails_Swing","Fishing_Swing","Sledge_Swing","CSGAS"]; _count = _this select 1; _num = count _array; if (_num > _count) then { _array resize _count; }; _array Step 4 ADD THIS UNDER THAT CODE ABOVE call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\secretbunker\secret_bunker_objects.sqf"; Step 5 FIND THIS #include "mission_check.sqf" Step 6 ADD THIS BELOW THE CODE ABOVE execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\bunkercrates\bunker_crates.sqf"; ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Step 7 Using the hero and bandit fallen_satellite.sqf missions from the Secret Bunker download, Replace both fallen_satellite missions that came with the 5 mission pack ([Release] 5 New Missions for (WAI 2.2.5)) (MISSION SIDE ) Step 1 Open init.sqf in your Mission file. Step 2 FIND THIS dayz_antihack = 1; // DayZ Antihack / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled Step 3 REPLACE WITH dayz_antihack = 0; // DayZ Antihack / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled Step 4 DELETE THIS execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\antihack.sqf"; Step 5 Open fn_selfActions.sqf FIND THIS CODE _allowedDistance = if ((_cursorTarget isKindOf "Air") or (_cursorTarget isKindOf "Ship")) then {8} else {4}; Step 6 ADD THIS ABOVE IT Step 7 Open your Scripts folder in the root of your mission file. (If you don't have a scripts folder create one.) Step 8 Copy all the files from the Secret Bunker "scripts" folder into your scripts folder. Step 9 Make a sandwich...
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/s/8aqsf03g7bd6six/Mission for WAI.zip?dl=0 Updated Mar,5, 2019 Updated Dropbox Link Updated Feb,19, 2019 Added Cargo mission Fixed (static guns making goldmine mission not spawn) Fixed (fallen satellite mission had static coords on bandit side mission.) Updated Feb,20, 2019 Added Cargo mission to install instructions Updated Feb,25, 2019 Added fallen satellite mission addon (link is at the bottom of the page) INSTALL ( Assuming you already have WAI installed ) 1. Download and unzip from the link above. 2. Take the five missions from the downloaded hero and bandit folders and put them in your WAI hero and bandit folders. 3. Open your config.sqf file in your WAI folder (Hero Missions) Add this to your other missions in the list ["fallen_satellite",1], ["oil_depot",1], ["refugee",1], ["gold_mine",1], ["cargo",1], Below this wai_hero_missions = [ So now it looks like this ****************************************************************************************************** wai_hero_missions = [ ["fallen_satellite",1], ["oil_depot",1], ["refugee",1], ["gold_mine",1], ["cargo",1], ****************************************************************************************************** (Bandit Missions) Add this to your other missions in the list ["fallen_satellite",1], ["oil_depot",1], ["refugee",1], ["gold_mine",1], ["cargo",1], Below this wai_bandit_missions = [ So now it looks like this ****************************************************************************************************** wai_bandit_missions = [ ["fallen_satellite",1], ["oil_depot",1], ["refugee",1], ["gold_mine",1], ["cargo",1], ****************************************************************************************************** PICTURES Oil Depot Gold Mine Cargo Refugee Camp Fallen Satellite FALLEN SATELLITE ADDON
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