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  1. I understand, just curious. I think from where it's under the vehicle listings it considers it a vehicle thus when you purchase it, it spawns on the vehicle spawn point. I'm not worried about it though, I can handle Dude Soda lol
  2. Hey Tarabas, just wondering why water purification tablets are under the vehicle menu? I purchased one and went to get it off the vehicle spawn point, but could not for the life of me pick it up. Just curious, thanks!
  3. Got it, unloaded the Experimental Mod and I'm in the server. Thanks He-Man!
  4. Hey Grahame, just wanted to let you know that the Epoch Experimental mod updated a couple days ago and I don't think the server has updated to it yet. Or at least it hadn't as of last night. Love this server though, great challenge of staying alive with all the Zeds and AI roaming around, and also trying to avoid all the missions so that the mission-specific AI don't engage!
  5. Server is back online. Thanks Grahame!!
  6. The Chernarus Redux map is actually what updated and is preventing us from logging on to the server. Or at least that's where all the error messages I'm getting seem to be coming from.
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