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  1. Hi, i had the problem that joining the server after a restart took like 4 minutes. To spot the problem, i added many diag_log-Lines to specific serverfiles so I can see where the server gets stuck. The problematic files were dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf and dayz_server\init\mission_check.sqf (the second file gets included in the first file) Here you see my RPT: As you can see nearly 2 minutes are used between SERVER_FUNCTIONS 21 kk_functions and MISSION_CHECK 22. Thats exactly where the mission_check.sqf is doing his work. Even with the default version of this file, it takes two minutes on my server. When I comment everything out there, the server starts noticeable faster. So in short terms: With no mission_check.sqf my server starts noticeable faster. Does anyone know how I can tackle this? Did I do something wrong?
  2. kmiller

    [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    Thank you very much, now it works! I had to replace deployable1script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7777), [0] execVM 'scripts\deployAnything\deploy.sqf';}; with deployable1script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7777), 0 execVM 'scripts\deployAnything\deploy.sqf';};
  3. kmiller

    [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    Hi, thank you for your help :) scripts\deployAnything scripts\deployAnything\config.sqf: scripts\deployAnything\deploy.sqf: scripts\deployAnything\functions.sqf: scripts\deployAnything\init.sqf: scripts\deployAnything\pack.sqf: scripts\deployAnything\player_deploy.sqf: scripts\deployAnything\wrapper.sqf: custom\menu custom\menu\defines.hpp: custom\menu\menu.hpp: custom\menu\menu_init.sqf: The rest should be fine (info2.hpp, info3.hpp, logo.paa, rules.hpp, rules_init.sqf, rules2.hpp, rules2_init.sqf and the clickActions folder). Didn't find any way to upload it as a zip archive, so here is the raw code.
  4. kmiller

    [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    Hi, thanks for your reply. I get with exactly your code this error Error in expression <getDeployableClass = { (DZE_DEPLOYABLES select _this) select 11 }; getDeployabl> Error position: <select _this) select 11 }; getDeployabl> Error select: Typ Array, erwartet Zahl,Bool File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\scripts\deployAnything\wrapper.sqf, line 60 Moreover what is the parameter for in: [0] execVM "scripts\deployAnything\deploy.sqf"; I assumed it is the row of the DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG-Array. Is this correct?
  5. kmiller

    [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    Hi, this doesn't work for me. It closes the Dialog but it does not execute the deploy anything correctly. Furthermore I think there is a typo in your code: ((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7777); // this command close the dialog [0] execVM "scripts\deployAnything\deploy.sqf"; // execute the scipt instead of ((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7777), // this command close the dialog [0] execVM "scripts\deployAnything\deploy.sqf"; // execute the scipt This is my customs/menu/menu_init.sqf: deployable1script = {((ctrlParent (_this select 0)) closeDisplay 7777); [0] execVM 'scripts\deployAnything\deploy.sqf';}; This is a excerpt from my scripts/deployAnything/config.sqf: DZE_DEPLOYABLES_CONFIG = [ ["ItemToolbox",[0,6,1],5,0.1,false,false,false,false,false,true,true,["MMT_Civ"],[],["ItemToolbox"],"true"], ["ItemToolbox",[0,6,1],5,0.1,false,false,false,false,false,true,true,["CSJ_GyroC"],[],["ItemToolbox", "PartEngine", "ItemJerrycan", "PartVRotor", "PartGeneric"],"true"], ["ItemToolbox",[0,9,2],5,0.9,true,true,false,true,true,false,true,["HeliHCivil"],[],["ItemRuby", "ItemSapphire"],"true"] ]; Does anybody know where the fault could be? I think it is the parameter for the execVM :/
  6. kmiller

    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    That was my mistake! Thank you very much.
  7. kmiller

    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    I stored and awned my vehicle now a few times without a helipad beeing there and the vehicle seems to spawn randomly near (radius of 1500 meters) the original helipad location. When I build a new helipad the vehicles spawn on that new helipad. Sorry for double posting, I did something wrong here :/
  8. kmiller

    [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Hi, first of all the scripts is nice! :D It works pretty well but i have one specific problem. When I build a HeliHCivil with an Etool and a Ruby (configured in scripts/deploybike/addons/bike/config.sqf), it gets built and i can perfectly store and get vehicles from the virtual garage. The Virtual-garage-menu is at the plot pole (is this correct?). However the vehicles spawn perfectly on the Heli Pad. Now the problem: The Helipad HeliHCivil disappears after the first restart. When I Check the object_data table in the database after building a helipad, i see no entry with "HeliHCivil" so i assume that my helipad for the virtual garage does not get saved into the database. I even tried maintaining the plotpole and the virtual garage directly after building the helipad but this doesn't help either. Does anybody know how this can happen and where I could have done a mistake? My HiveExt.ini (i also replaced the HiveExt.dll): My scripts/deploybike/addons/bike/config.sqf: excerpt from my dayz_code/init/variables.sqf: I have a garage table in my database which gets filled correctly when storing vehicles in garages. I have the following routines in my database (which is by the way MySQL Communiyt 5.7): I also have the following events in my database: My personal opinion is that the database events etc are not the problem because the Helipad does not get written into the objects table in the database. I get no errors in RPT or HiveExt so far. I am using DayZ Overpoch / 0.25 and a Windows Server. I never had an older version so I did not update.