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  1. That actually is spot on. Noted. I'll just spawn in replacement backpacks for them then and fix it up that way. Thanks!
  2. Last night my group experienced a couple bugs I haven't been able to find information for online. Both were using female character models. Their backpack/vest began to move independently of the character, distorting and deforming the model as the items shook on them. Think stretch Armstrong. This disappeared a short while later, but led to a different issue. The characters were far away from each other (one in Sophia, one at the Kavala bay resort) when they realized they were sharing inventory. If one picked up an item, both would see it in the inventory. Person A could pick up food that person B would then see and eat, but would not make the food disappear from Person A's inventory. If person A ate the food, it would disappear from both person's inventory. Person A had a LMG in his bag, which Person B was able to take and equip as a weapon, removing it from Person A's bag completely. This isn't happening with anyone else. The only trends we noted is that they had the same type of backpack and same character model. Anyone else seen something like this before? Any idea how to prevent it? Going to try giving them different backpacks and see if it continues
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