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  1. Hallo How do I get a lot of loot on my server epoch chernarus I have played on server for approx. 2 hours and have found 2 chairs. I use CUP lootMultiplier = 1; // 1 = max loot bias. This controls how much loot can payout per Epoch loot container. forcedVehicleSpawnTable = "allowedVehiclesList_CUP"; // leave blank for default. Options: "allowedVehiclesList","allowedVehiclesList_CUP","allowedVehiclesList_MAD","allowedVehiclesList_MADCUP" forcedLootSpawnTable = "CfgLootTable_CUP"; // leave blank for default. Options: "CfgLootTable","CfgLootTable_CUP","CfgLootTable_MAD","CfgLootTable_MADCUP"
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