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  1. Hey guys, I know that this script is more than just old. But I saw it on a server last year and it worked perfectly there. But I have the problem that I get the following error message from the server when I start it. 9:44:55 Error context _scanRadius ErrorMessage: File mpmissions \ __ cur_mp.Chernarus \ scripts \ KittCome \ KittCome.sqf, line 0: '.private': '[' encountered instead of '=' I have completely taken over the entry for ui_selectslot and I also took over the complete code in a corresponding SQF. The error message is simply not understandable for me. Do not see any reason for this message. Maybe you have an idea what I have to adjust from the code so that this works again. After all, it's really a great script that makes it a little more enjoyable. I also know that a lot has happened, specifically the developments of the Epochmod. Greetings Face
  2. Hey Guys, i updated my Epoch Server on and get the whole time this error message in my client.rpt I know before i updated on we never got this message in our logs. It's new with this update :-/ I checked the file between and This Code is 100% the same. That's why i'm really confused. Error in expression <wn",_serverTime]); _age = _serverTime - _zombied; if ((_age == 0) or (_age > 300> Error position: <_zombied; if ((_age == 0) or (_age > 300> Error Nicht definierte Variable in Ausdruck: _zombied File z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_spawnCheck.sqf, line 151 Did you have any ideas to fix that unreal issue. Greetings Face
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