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  1. i have this problem only if ESSv3 is installed at the server i tried to install ESSv3 at the mod pack salival uploaded and i got the same problem xD idk what´s broke there
  2. Its a dedi root server with windows 2012
  3. thx for ur help, i use the new HiveExt.dll (that one from the download) but still not work. :( Video Problem ServerRPT Client HiveExt.ini HiveLog
  4. Hi maybe someone can help me i tried to install VG but if i want to access my VG it searching for vehicles can´t store them. and my Heli pad is despawning after restart :/ i got no errors at my RPT.
  5. Hi maybe someone can help me . I updatet my server to the and i use ZSC .Now i can´t sell vehicles but i can buy them ,sell weapons and items is not a problem only the Vehicles . Everytime it say´s "u traded it for 0 coins " but the vehicle doesn´t desapper and i got no coins . idk why pls help me :( Edit : there are no errors at the RPT
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