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  1. Thanks a million for all the replies guys, they're much appreciated. I think my friend and I are going to start on vanilla, ust to get accustomed to the ui etc. One final question, if ye don't mind: Can anyone recommend a pve server? I'm pretty sure we want to learn the mechanics without being owned over and over again! Thanks for the invite dude, I may pm you in future and take you up on that offer. Thanks again, Geo.
  2. Hi folks, I'm completely new to Dayz (I haven't even bought it yet!) and pretty much all the information I have seen about the game is derived from watching Frankieonpc videos. From what I've picked up it seems there are quite a few pitfalls for new players, like choosing the right server, game mode, avoiding noted hacker servers etc. Epoch seems to me like the logical place to begin. So, I'm basically looking for comments on/answers to the following queries: Is epoch the best place to begin, or should I blood myself in with a more vanilla mode? I'm not going to bore ye with asking for install info, but, is it generally quite a difficult thing to install epoch and all relevant software? If I do begin with epoch, is there a noteable noob friendly server with a good reputation? If I do begin with epoch where might I find a group to take me under their wing and show me the ropes? (I'd rather learn the game mechanics from others than from failure) I have skype btw. Anyway, thanks in advance for all and any advice, it'll be much appreciated. Geo.
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