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    [4thID] Make DayZ Great Again - Epoch Panthera

    UPDATE: Fixed a few bugs with Wicked AI Changed some settings with Wicked AI, to nerf M2 guns shooting helicopters from over 1,000m away. Added View Distance Changer from your Binoculars/Rangefinders Added Deploy Bike Safe Zones Added (NOTE: Bandit Trader, and Boat Trader are NOT SAFE ZONES)
  2. C. Montminy

    [4thID] Make DayZ Great Again - Epoch Panthera

    Agreed! Thank's buddy!
  3. 4th Infantry Division DayZ Epoch - Panthera ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ With the 4th Infantry's new DayZ Epoch Panthera server we are offering a low-stress, no crap, server. Going back to basically the basics of what DayZ used to be, with only a few modifications. We aren't fan's of the "Full Militarization", and "Epic Loot" that makes the DayZ undesirable to some players. The Panthera Map, a under used map. A great looking map, that has amazing FPS. Panthera offers the best of both worlds, it offers the Chernarus feeling woods, as well as a desert area that'll take you back to your Takistan days. If you're a fan of DayZ, without the crap in it. We're who you want to check out. Server Mods: Wicked AI (For those epic fire fights, and to get some much needed cash. Be warned, they aren't easy!) Plot Management (For people who have groups, and want multiple builders) Snap Build Pro (Honestly, without this-.. what would we do with our lives?) Tow/Lift (Do I even need to explain this?) Advanced Trading (To avoid the annoying 15 minute transactions) Infistar (To get rid of those annoying hackers) Server IP: Server Name: [4thID] Make DayZ Great Again - Epoch Panthera @DayZ_Epoch @DayZEpochPanthera https://discord.gg/CmetgzW
  4. C. Montminy

    [4thID] Make DayZ Great Again - Epoch Panthera

    Holy balls, apparently I can't read. Good call, my bad. xD