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  1. Hello DayZ Epoch community. :)I am the founder of the Radiotix-Network. I am sure, nobody has ever heard from it, that's because I am still trying to build up my own community.But I can't do that alone, so I came here in order to find someone, who wants yo build up a community with me.Some details about me:I am Tom, I am 16 years old.I am from Germany but I think, I am able to speak/read/write English fluently. These are the things, I have already made:I have made a homepage:www.Radiotix-Network.deI have made a forum:www.Radiotix-Network.de/forumI have made a TeamSpeak3 server:TS3.Radiotix-Network.deI have three gameserver:One DayZ Epoch,One DayZ Vanilla a DayZ Origins server.All the gameserver and the Teamspeak is hosted in a root server, which is located in Frankfurt, Germany.If anybody is interested, just send me a message.I would really appreciate it, of someone would be interested. xDSee you soon.Regards,Tom
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