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  1. My friend also updated it for for his server and he gave it to me.
  2. Taking a look here, the Action Menu was added after I removed the admin tools, so its not that, but ill take a look at the Test Kit, and the player monitor is just a debug monitor.
  3. I would have installed it first, but now that I have everything working, I would hate to restart just for an admin menu.
  4. Things that I know are: WAI, DZAI, ZSC, Zabns Take Clothes, Deploy Anything, My Custom Player Monitor, ESSV3, RLNT Weapon Hud, you Custom Loot, Nox's Custom Action Menu,
  5. I have many things, I didnt really count it all, but I couldnt list them off.
  6. Hello, Im currently looking for the best Admin Menu available for free. I currently don't have one as the Nox Admin Panel that I was updated for gave my server errors, whenever someone logged out or died they would get a white screen, including me, so I uninstalled the admin menu, everything is working fine, but know I'm stuck without an Admin Menu. Any good ones available for free or cheap? I can't purchase infistar as I cant afford it. Thanks :)
  7. Do you have any good hosting places for a VPS for cheap?
  8. I have a box which is the only one that I can afford. It is a 1 Core 2.6ghz with 1 gb of ram. I know its complete shit and I was wondering if it was enough to run a Overpoch 1061 with custom scripts and stuff like that.
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