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  1. I will try to set 50... Thanks for the reply... :)
  2. Hi everybody... sometimes happens that the mission stuck: kill all ai but mission do not complete and marker stay and no flare, no smoke and no stuffs in crate... What reason? Thanks in advance...
  3. Hi everybody, scuse me for intrusion :) If I did not make mistakes ... maybe I could create a script to unlock the doors through use of the hotwirekit... I did not understand how the system of credits on scripts works ... so I want to clarify that my work was based on a script of @salival to which I wrote in private before publishing this. I waited a week but not having received an answer...i think it is still right to make available to the community as much as I did... So all the credits go @salival because i am based on his garagedooropener... Now...this is my work: -1) custom variable.sqf: -2) custom fn_selfActions.sqf: -3) in custom script folder (under mission folder); red text in the script below is needed only if you want to log in .rpt when someone try a hotwiring. If you want this, you have to leave red text in the script and you also have to do step 4 STEP 4 and 5 to do ONLY if you want to see log in .rpt -4) in inf.sqf (mission folder); -5) in custom script folder (under mission folder); - FINISH :-) Obviously i think it can be improved and for this reason i make it public, so that those who know more than me can suggest additions or modifications... For example ... I added a public variable to know via the .rpt file when a hotwire was used and whether it was successful or not. Maybe you can also add a routine to signal in the map or through text message for all the players that someone is trying to force a door... I tried it on my server and it seems to work fine. I await your observations and suggestions. I repeat: ALL CREDITS GO TO @SALIVAL Thanks for the attention.
  4. Hi, about stealing other players vehicles, if i don't mistake, you have to set in custom variables: vg_tiedToPole = false; Regards.
  5. Epoch ??? Last version of vgarage ???
  6. Hi everybody, i'm not a coder...but if i don't mistake...it need to add publicVariableServer "PVDZ_obj_Publish"; so ultimately it should be: if (DZE_permanentPlot) then { _tmpbuilt setVariable ["ownerPUID",dayz_playerUID,true]; PVDZ_obj_Publish = [dayz_characterID,_tmpbuilt,[_dir,_location,dayz_playerUID],[],player,dayz_authKey]; } else { PVDZ_obj_Publish = [dayz_characterID,_tmpbuilt,[_dir,_location],[],player,dayz_authKey]; }; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_obj_Publish"; I tested on my server...without publicVariableServer "PVDZ_obj_Publish"; the buildings disappear at server restart. With it...the buildings remain. I hope this is correct...
  7. Guys... I'm a very stupid...!!! I forgot to repack dayz_server pbo... Three hours of brain fusion and the solution was simple and obvious... Thanks everybody and scuse me...
  8. The detail are correct... dbname, username and password of my main database. No game host. Server in house.
  9. Hi, i have installed the garage. But when i select "virtual garage" it open a window with only "scan vehicle" and button "cancel". In rpt nothing error but i don't seen the diag "connected to database". Help me...
  10. Hi everybody, i'm new in the forum. I hope to give my little contribute with this integration to manage coin. It may be useful to others. Regards.
  11. Hi everybody, i'm new in the forum and step by step, with the forum's tutorial, i creating a epoch server I'm not a programmer, but after two night without sleep, i think founded a solution for integrate "add/remove coin" in Noxsicarius Admin Tool 1.10.7. Maybe someone will have done it already, but i still want to share this my little satisfaction with you and contribute to the forum. :) How to proceed: Of course it must already be installed the Admin Tools 1.10.7 on Epoch server 1) Go to the yourmissionfolder\admintools and open (with notepad++) the file AdminToolsMain.sqf 2) Find the line EAT_adminMenu = EAT_adminMenu + [["Humanity Menu >>",[],"#USER:EAT_humanityMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"]]; and add below EAT_adminMenu = EAT_adminMenu + [["Coin Menu >>",[],"#USER:EAT_coinMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"]]; 3) Now, find the line EAT_humanityMenu = EAT_humanityMenu + [["Main Menu", [20], "#USER:EAT_mainMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"]]; and add below //Main menu to handle coin changing EAT_coinMenu = [["",true]]; EAT_coinMenu = EAT_coinMenu + [["-- Coin Change Menu --", [], "", -5,[["expression", ""]], "1", "0"]]; EAT_coinMenu = EAT_coinMenu + [["Add to self or target", [],"", -5, [["expression", '["add"] execVM "admintools\tools\coinChanger.sqf"']], "1", "1"]]; EAT_coinMenu = EAT_coinMenu + [["Remove from self or target", [],"", -5, [["expression", '["remove"] execVM "admintools\tools\coinChanger.sqf"']], "1", "1"]]; EAT_coinMenu = EAT_coinMenu + [["Reset to 0", [],"", -5, [["expression", '["reset"] execVM "admintools\tools\coinChanger.sqf"']], "1", "1"]]; EAT_coinMenu = EAT_coinMenu + [["", [], "", -5,[["expression", ""]], "1", "0"]]; EAT_coinMenu = EAT_coinMenu + [["Main Menu", [20], "#USER:EAT_mainMenu", -5, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"]]; 4) Save and close the file. 5) Go to the yourmissionfolder\admintools\tools and create a new sqf file and rename it coinChanger.sqf. 6) Now paste into this file this lines /* Add or remove the selected coin amount from player. */ private ["_target","_player","_Z_MoneyVariable","_addOrRemove"]; _addOrRemove = _this select 0; _target = cursorTarget; _player = player; if(!isPlayer _target) then {_target = _player;}; coinGain = -1; _Z_MoneyVariable = _target getVariable[Z_MoneyVariable, 0]; if(_addOrRemove != "reset") then { EAT_coinChange = [ ["",true], ["Select coin amount:", [-1], "", 0, [["expression", ""]], "1", "0"], ["100", [2], "", -5, [["expression", "coinGain=100;"]], "1", "1"], ["500", [3], "", -5, [["expression", "coinGain=500;"]], "1", "1"], ["5000", [4], "", -5, [["expression", "coinGain=5000;"]], "1", "1"], ["10000", [5], "", -5, [["expression", "coinGain=10000;"]], "1", "1"], ["50000", [6], "", -5, [["expression", "coinGain=50000;"]], "1", "1"], ["Exit", [8], "", 0, [["expression", ""]], "1", "1"] ]; showCommandingMenu "#USER:EAT_coinChange"; waitUntil{(commandingMenu == "")}; if((coinGain == -1)) exitWith {}; if(_addOrRemove == "remove") then { coinGain = coinGain - (coinGain * 2); }; _target setVariable[Z_MoneyVariable, _Z_MoneyVariable + coinGain, true]; cutText [format["%1 coin has been added (total: %2) for player %3", coinGain, _Z_MoneyVariable + coinGain, name _target],"PLAIN DOWN"]; titleFadeOut 10; // Tool use logger if(EAT_logMinorTool) then { EAT_PVEH_usageLogger = format["%1 %2 -- has added %3 to %4's coin (total %5)",name _player,getPlayerUID _player,coinGain,name _target,_Z_MoneyVariable + coinGain]; [] spawn {publicVariable "EAT_PVEH_usageLogger";}; }; }else{ coinGain = _Z_MoneyVariable - (_Z_MoneyVariable * 2); _target setVariable[Z_MoneyVariable, 0, true]; cutText [format["Coin reset to 0 for player %1", name _target],"PLAIN DOWN"]; titleFadeOut 10; // Tool use logger if(EAT_logMinorTool) then { EAT_PVEH_usageLogger = format["%1 %2 -- has RESET %3's coin to 0",name _player,getPlayerUID _player,name _target]; [] spawn {publicVariable "EAT_PVEH_usageLogger";}; }; }; 7) Save and close the file. 8) Start the server. Surely the most mindful will have realized that I have not simply duplicated the management of humanity by adapting it to coin. :) I hope to have done what you like and above all to have been useful.
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