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  1. The server is live, refined and wiped! Come on and claim your starter booster! Be sure to come online and we will have some events! Check out our features: XP system which can be used to buy upgrades and items from any Banker NPC Quick use menu (F1) (view distance, toggle grass and so on) Global banking system Roaming Trader that sells exotic items Semi-Mil Starter Builder Kit and Coins Regular Events Active and experienced Staff team + Scripter Changelog: Virtual Garage added (for now it uses your Plot Pole, but this will be changed in the very near future so we advise you to currently not use this) Multiple script errors fixed Spawn system overhauled Multiple quality-of-life changes such as right click actions on vehicle keys Plus a lot more to come such as new spawn classes, new XP rewards and more You can find us at: Server IP: Forums: www.gzdayz.enjin.com TS: TS.groundzerogaming.co.uk Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gzgop/ Owner: DanielV Scripter: Destro Admins: Hugo, Rapture and Hells Bells
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  3. Hey guys, sorry if i'm posting in the wrong section but this felt most appropriate for this topic. My question is: How do you get the whole name of your server to fit on dayz launcher. Most servers get cut off but as you can see here the 4th server down has a huge name: https://gyazo.com/8b29be26c610dc8290a4bdfdbf83e60e If someone could be so kind as to redirect me to a relevant post (i cant seem to find one) or give me an answer that would be great.
  4. Hello everyone and let me introduce you to us here at Ground Zero gaming. We are a new community with a freshly wiped sever going live 13/9. Here at GZG we have a wide range of experience from a experienced community manager, experienced scripter and admin. With this we aim to fulfil and surpass the community's expectations by being dedicated to feedback and fixing errors that we see while constantly developing the server. Working XP system with easy access rewards (which will continue to be developed and refined). Quick use menu (view distance, toggle grass and so on!) Global banking system Roaming Trader for higher tier weapons and vehicles Semi Mil 10k view distance 100k Start money Starter kits, humanity and xp booster Regular Events Active and experienced Staff team + Scripter And more! (vehichle garage in the works) Here at GZG we aim to please our players. We have and will continue to put in a tremendous amount to give the server a brilliant experience! We also understand that coming on to a low pop server can be mundane but come on and grab your starter boosters, stick around and help us grow, im sure you'll enjoy it. We look forward to seeing you! How to find us: Search gzg on DAYZ Launcher or: Server IP: Forums: www.gzdayz.enjin.com (will change to groundzerogaming.co.uk soon) TS: TS.groundzerogaming.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/fC3gtFk Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/gzgop/
  5. Hello all, today at Invictus gaming we will be hosting a action packed admin base attack at 8.30 pm UK time. The event is perfect for everyone looking for some fun or all those looking for a boost in their funds as loot will be pretty nice. If you havent joined us yet dont forget to come and claim your free starter base kit, humanity and sign up to the forums+steam group to get a 200k cash boost. Be sure to check out all our features and join us today for a great time! http://www.invictusgaming.org/showthread.php?tid=8 Server Info: TS: ts3.invictusgaming.org Server: Forums: http://www.invictusgaming.org
  6. INVICTUS GAMING FIRST EVER SERVER EVENT For nearly a decade Chernarus has been under the control of zombies and with wondering survivors cut off from the rest of the world. But this is about to end with the new found group of western mercenaries 'Invictus' are ready to take on the land with highly valuable vehicles and weapons as well as gold and gems ready to barter to build a new world.But the bandits (you) are there to destroy this convoy and take all the loot for their own personal gain!The Forces are hiding at the moment but word is spreading round the survivors that they will more their convoy 12/07/2017 at 19.00 UTC+1.Be ready for a fight, it wont be easy but it will be fun!Event: Admin Convoy with high loot. 14/07/2017 - 19.00 hours UTC+1 (so 20.00 Germany, France, Spain etc...)*Any questions can be asked as to reply on this threadWe look forward to seeing you come on for this event or hopefully before to see you get geared and have some fun with some great PVP! Why not come on and claim your free starter kits, humanity boosters and sign up to the steam group+forums for a free 200k! http://www.invictusgaming.org/showthread.php?tid=8shout out to raldo! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-hR2S0Dijg
  7. BUMP! We are starting to see a steady increase in our population , come check us out, claim your perks before its too late!
  8. Hello all, welcome to 'Invictus Gaming'. The server has been under development for some time now with the Owners being Jack and myself. We come from two of the most popular DayZ Mod servers so we collectively share an extended knowledge of scripting and community management. We aim to provide high levels of administration and with Jack being highly adept in scripting we can listen to community feedback and react to provide the highest quality gaming scenarios. We are currently a semi-militarised server with a huge variety of missions and juicy rewards meaning you can get straight into the action without any fuss and to keep you interested in the wide variety of situations that will occur. Our staff team: Owners: Jack and DanielV Admin: Hugo Here's some info for all of you: We have all been there grinding to start out so we have decided to give out some perks to new players which will run for a limited time: - Starter Base kits (Comes with materials for a secure but rudimentary base with a safe), 1 kit per player, 3 kits per group max. - 50k Start money so you can easily buy all the gear you need to start doing missions and PVPing. - AND for those first 100 people to join we have decided to give them the choice of a boost to either Bandit or Hero so you can start using the traders straight away. Server Features: - Global Banking (Coins, bankers and online banking @safes). - 50M base height. - Multiple Mission Systems, from easy to really hard for all skill-sets(including AI convoys, banker missions and really juicy loot). - Custom Town and road Network at the north of the map. - Race Track. - Huge selection of Spawns. - Locate Vehicle. - Change View-distance. - TAB Menu (easy access to change view-distance, locate vehicle, vehicle builder and more!). - Raidable safes. - Active admins. - AND MANY MORE! If you have any questions or enquiries about the server or just fancy coming for a chat you can find us on TS.INVICTUSGAMING.ORG or feel free to leave a post in the relevant section. We look most forward to seeing you play and reign strong in the apocalyptic world. DanielV TS: ts.invictusgaming.org Server: Forums: http://www.invictusgaming.org Addons: @dayz_epoch @dayz_overwatch