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  1. Just letting folks know, we had some down time, but everything is now back up and running... everything is updated and high spawn factor again too!
  2. Connection Info: Addons: @EPOCH Steam Group Page: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ApricotCrew Discord: https://discord.gg/tHVsxqU Team Speak Server: Web (under construction): http://apricotcrew.com/ Group Description: Apricot Crew—a gaming community built on mutual respect Are you tired of TS servers full of dictators, crazy rules, and painful disruptions to your gaming experience? Look no further, you finally found a place to call "home." Apricot Crew is a community of like minded gamers. If you respect us, we'll respect you. For the love of the game, have fun! P.S. We started this server as a bunch of friends who wanted a dedicated place to play Epoch. Come try it so we can have more people on at once...
  3. Ouch dude. Thanks for the admin shout out... I'm happy to help even when in another game. Btw, aren't you an admin now, but, you play on 5 different servers in a given week? Just play on the server when most people are there. For example, I was on the other day and we had at least 10 people on, but, you were no where to be found. Dude! :) Edit: I read the rules for server listings... since i'm the owner I went ahead and started a new Post with all the required info. Admin feel free to delete this thread here for now. We can pick up any new convos under that one. Thanks!
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