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  1. Much appreciated! I'm really looking forward to the new version and seeing the changes and polish you've worked on.
  2. I wanted to send a big thank you to @A Man for all the hard work he's been putting into the new version. I've been following the githib commits for months and your code output is very impressive! Also I wanted to ask if it would be possible for you to post the dayz_epoch_c content so I could test and try out this new version on my server. Thanks! And it looks like there another content file called dayz_epoch_w that is also required for 1.0.7.
  3. I really wish the backpacks had their storage listed much more than I care about the vehicles. If someone could add that it would be fantastic.
  4. Will the pook_H13 be added to the aircraft traders?
  5. It should work just fine. The truck needs to have the engine running before you can walk up to the it and ask it to fuel your nearby vehicle. Pro-tip: If you start the engine, Switch to the Back Seat and then Get Out; it'll remain running and you won't need a second person to help you fuel.
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