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  1. Objects, Structures, Decoration, Trees, anything not mobile, it's better to use _bldObj 4 things: 1. You know you have to add soldiers to the mission file directly, yes? It won't work in a .sqf 2. For some reason, the game automatically saves these blocks with Position set a second time with setPos, it is missing in your example? IF your object MUST be placed absolutely exact, it makes sense to use it 3. If you keep this setPos that normally is there, you have to put any setDir and setVectorUP and setVectorDirAndUP afterwards, because if you use setPos or setPosASL, the rotation is reset to default. 4. setUnitAbility it doesn't matter what you set there, but the game will want SOME value. 5. Careful, I never created soldiers / AI units myself, but this should work anyway. Here's how the block should place the soldier exactly as it should: _unit = objNull; if (true) then { _unit = createAgent ["RU_Doctor", [12528.427, 14978.729, 0.068014488], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _unit setPos [12528.427, 14978.729, 0.068014488]; _unit setDir -4.08; _unit setUnitAbility 0.6; // need it???? _unit allowDammage false; _unit disableAI 'FSM'; _unit disableAI 'MOVE'; _unit disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; _unit disableAI 'TARGET'; _unit setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; _unit forceSpeed 0;_unit enableSimulation false; };
  2. My note "+Optimization !" means that I looked through all objects manually and mostly deleted unnecessary numbers/digits/lines. Also, it means I checked through most places to look for clipping / collision problems. If you use the code above, it will only work with small .sqf files. If your map is larger, it causes errors for the server, going as far as to spawn objects wrongly, and even stop spawning any new objects at some point. Why this happens, I can only guess, but I think it collides with the server vehicle limit at some point. For example, if you write the map code using _vehicle_ , my Trader City: Klen would cause errors when the server starts and only spawn less than half of the objects, with many spawning with the wrong rotation etc. But defining the objects as _bldObj works flawlessly - it will not cause errors unless something else interrupts.
  3. Thanks Slimdickens, unfortunately nobody has approached me as of yet. But: There MUST be a lot of people who still have the files. According to my webspace statistics, GOC.rar was downloaded over 6900 times in the first 6 months, and a lot of time has passed since then. This statistic showed all downloads, not unique IPs, but still, there must have been a lot of users.
  4. Oi there ! Here's a taste of my typical luck: My webspace upgrade deleted the old files AND my backup HDD conveniently stopped working right at this moment. So I am left with an outdated version of my own work, which is problematic when I want to return to Epoch for more. Also, people can't download the recent version atm. If anyone has the most recent files, could they rar them and upload them somewhere?
  5. Unfortunately not, only a concept to test if the wood walkways are accepted by the AI :/
  6. Heya messeduprex ! Hm I've seen that before. What's your server host ?
  7. @Brockie I understand exactly what you mean, the problems that certain game mechanics and editor mechanics pose were the main reason this project took many many hours to complete, and also why BSI, while actually next-to-finished, only exists as Editor-Files with only 1 platform finished for Server use. @ZENITHOVMAN Thanks for the kind words, enjoyment is exactly what I intended :> @ Everyone As said above - the BSI WIP Files can be fired up in the Editor at any time. If you are curious what would have come to you, or want to give it a go yourself to convert them to a server-compatible format, feel free ! It'd be a pity if its never used at all just because my timescale is narrow.
  8. Hello people ! Unfortunately I have to let you know that the additional content of BSI simply doesn't fit into my timescale at the moment, and support for the required AI is lacking. If Arma2 Epoch endures, i'll definitely look into it again. It's far more likely that i'll take this to Arma3 Epoch however once the resources are advanced enough. BSI was never official part of Ghost of Chernarus Map pack and started due to high demand - for GOC I'll ofc still work on fixing errors and all.
  9. Heya Traesket, thanks for the feedback ! These two issues were new to me :o I will look into the building at the Hero Trader, but I can't reproduce the error with the stairs at Trader City Bash. With middle, do you mean the middle of each of the two stairs, or the wooden bar between them ? For NPC tips, not yet unfortunately, its a whole different type of work :O
  10. The "MAP_nav_pier" objects in the Water Category are the largest flat concrete ground objects there are. If you want rough dirt ground there are the "MAP_dirthump" in Misc
  11. Woah, no, don't add them to your server. These are the Work-In-Progress maps from the Arma2 Editor, they are not exactly compatible with DayZ ingame. I uploaded them since people repeatedly offered to help optimizing :)
  12. Thanks ^^ About BSI I'll repeatedly update to show the Work-In-Progress instead of just throwing out the whole thing once its done.
  13. Hah, yeah, kinda silly of me but I thought the "Custom Bases" section is there to show in-game creations. That is pretty common to appear occasionally ! After the first start I usually get Waiting for Host for ~30s longer than usual. In editor's normal controls you can only rotate an object around the Z Axis. To rotate the objects like I did, you have to apply rotation in the form of Vector Data. This can be done with this setVectorDirAndUp[[x,y,z],[x,y,z]]; PS: Yes the trial & error + exact placement related to this in the Arma2 Editor was a real pain. Some maps are littered with unusually rotated objects.
  14. Basically yes, though as with all map additions, there is the problem of A.I. Bots not recognizing the structures. A method to circumvent this was posted here recently though :)
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