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  1. ...I too would love to run Epoch on Linux (Ubuntu or CentOS) :) - I would also be whiling to donate some money if a developer is happy to spend the time to get the required code ported to work on *NIX.
  2. Thanks guys - I'll have a play about this afternoon. Your replies and help are truly much appreciated! I'll probably go with the "forced" day night cycle of four hours as per Anhor's second reply. Thanks again :D
  3. Hi Anhor - That's very helpful and thank you for kindly sharing your HiveExt.ini configuration with me. Most of my users prefer a much shorter day/night cycle however (as most of them work so in the evenings they'd spend most of their time in the dark :() - Do you happen to know how this could be achieved? Given that my server restarts every 4 hours I would assume (looking at the code comments above) the only way I could really achieve say a 3 hours daylight and 1 hour of night would be to set Type to Custom and the Hour value to say 19:00 so that the server starts, the game time will be 19:00 each time and then (assuming the game engine turns "night" at say 21:00 (with a transition period) this would mean that players would get 3 hours of "day light" play and an hour of night before it resets again? Many thanks, Bobby
  4. Good morning all, Just wondered if anyone could explain how I can enable day and night cycles on my server - My server doesn't seem to have day/night cycles at the moment? - I'm currently running Epoch on my GTXHosting account. I'm unsure as to how to set the cycle to either a set amount of time eg. 2 hours daylight to 30 minutes of night? - Is this possible? or do I and as some posts have seemed to indicate, have to set a calendar day and therefore the best I can do is set it to the longest day of year? If anyone else could share their server settings or where I need to set this configuration as to how I can best achieve this I would be most grateful! Thanks in advance, Bobby
  5. Hi all, Thought I'd post this up here as I spent the morning looking for a solution to this issue whilst trying to add some extra roads to my server but eventually found a work-around to the problem buried somewhere on the internet so wanted to share with others (as a lot of other people seem to give up with the frustration) The problem: So unlike placing objects and buildings in the Arma2 map editor, when laying down roads, dirt tracks and side walks the user is unable to select them to move them/align them correctly. The solution: To do this simply add a "draggable" object next to the road item (I added a bush) , using the left mouse button drag over the road item and the "draggable" item (both will then be selected), hovering over the "draggable" item and then dragging or rotating that will work for both the road and the other item. - Place your road into the correct location then "Save" - This is important as I've noticed that the map editor after saving moves the road slightly out of position the first time that so simple move it back and then save one more time! - After the second save the road will stay there, then you can delete the "draggable" item (the bush in my case) and your done! Hope this helps out some other people in future... Cheers, Bobby
  6. Ok many thanks for confirming Salival - I'll re-install this afternoon and if I still get issues I'll post up my ArmA2OA.RPT file. Your help is much appreciated!
  7. Although I tried to install this yesterday I seem to have a problem (there is no spawn points in the selection window when a player re-spawns) and therefore not sure if.... 1) This is supported on Epoch 2) I have to manually add spawn points? - I've used the default config and it would appear (from reading the code) that it should auto populate on the 'wordName' variable. - I'm using the Chernarus map and all my other Epoch settings are vanilla! Any advice would be great - I've reverted my server's snapshot back to before so am going to attempt the installation again today but thought I'd ask the above questions just in case. Many thanks in advance, Bobby
  8. Thanks JasonTM - Much appreciated, I'll try and get that working today!
  9. Hey guys, First of all, I'd like to say a massive thanks to the dev's and community contributors for the recent release of - Me and my buddies did try DayZ Standalone and Arma3 Epoch but it's just not the same! I'm really happy that I've been able to install Epoch and have a fully working version of what I consider "Original DayZ" (with the zombs!!!) So anyway, I've pretty much got my server set-up how I want it now but just wondered if someone could explain how I can add in the ability for player to select a spawn point/area? - I've seen in some online YouTube videos that players running Epoch can select a town/city to spawn near? Could anyone offer me any advice please? Many thanks in advance, Bobby
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