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  1. custom map i can build everything but upgrade cinder walls in my server as an admin when i upgrade the 1/2 cinder wall press green arrow to upgrade it crashes me gives me an error report ...EXIT CODE 0xC0000094 - STATUS_INTERGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO anyone have any ideas.. lol
  2. ok so im trying to do the black trader in epoch no 7 exec line (7 exec !="trader\init.sqf";") in battle eye script where do i create this like beacuse i get this 27.03.2017 21:45:37: GhosT ( 87dd348a5ad602b30c6853f85f5d2263 - #74 "; }; }; case ".fsm": { compileFinal format ["%1_fsm = _this execfsm '%2'; %1_fsm",_fncVar,_fncPath]; }; default {0} }; }; "
  3. what line do i put 7 exec !="trader\init.sqf";" in the battle eye script lol i got it working once then messed it up lol doing something else cant remember how i did it
  4. what line in battle eye scripts does 7 exec !="trader\init.sqf";" go into
  5. 7 exec !="trader\init.sqf";" needs to be in there but in what order.. wwhere does this go into i mean what line in the scripts
  6. in what order when putting black market trader in to the epoch server where in battle eye script do i put 7 exec !="trader\init.sqf";"
  7. arma 3 EPOCH error code on cinder upgrade-0xC0000094 - STATUS_INTEGER_DIVIDE_BY_ZERO
  8. ok i got it and stuff but when i upgrade the cinder walls my game crashes.. any idea why?
  9. ok same problem was it resolved ? i dont wanna spawn in as a seagull though lol last in line 1 put !="Seagull" ..??? of create vehicle right
  10. Tricky


    after i make my map a sqf file what do i have to do exacly lol bc i put it in addons maybe im not doing it right or something .. right when i think i got it figured out i dont lol its kinda frusterating i have a GTXGAMING server epoch
  11. Tricky


    thank you ill check it out
  12. Tricky


    where do i put the a3_epoch_custom file in my epoch server once i made it a cqf and all that
  13. have you found out how to convert to sqf?
  14. i cant get this thing running.. how do i install it
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