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  1. Sorry, read my edit mate, and credit to your work :)
  2. We are loading OW 100% correct, no rpt errors either. but were not spawning ow loot, without defining them. in descritions.ext? never said we did, we do it in dayz_code. Ofc we need to work with the servertraders to, but thats just it, tradeing, still need it to spawn. EDIT: Now works fine with just adding the loot tables. Our problem was 2 idiots to admins (my self included ;) ) we changed stuff around eachother so thats why i didnt work from de beginning.
  3. Well, what i learnd is that you need do a class and where its defined from in dayz_code\configs\cfgweapons\cfgweapons.hpp: For example we added a ACR Black class FHQ_ACR_BLK_IRN; #include "Rifles\ACR_BLK.hpp" Then in dayz_code\configs\cfgweapons\rifles\ we created a new file called ACR_BLK.hpp and added: class FHQ_ACR_BLK_IRN; class FHQ_ACR_BLK_IRN: FHQ_ACR_BLK_IRN { magazines[] = {"FHQ_rem_30Rnd_680x43_ACR"}; type = WeaponSlotPrimary; }; This works 100% since we are currently running it. //Wave
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