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  1. Bump for this one does anyone else have this issue that non-hive vehicles can not be repaired with parts?
  2. Hey, I noticed that mission vehicles that spawn from DZMS and vehicles that are spawned from Infistar (non-hive versions) can not be repaired at all. The option Repair exists but even when the vehicle is clearly damaged no damaged parts are recognized and thus it can not be repaired at all. This issue does not exist with vehicles saved in hive however. What could be causing this sort of a issue? There are no errors that pop up with repair. It also seemed to work fine in with a minor exception that it used to automatically repair the entire thing without parts, it worked once per toolbox then you had to use parts to fix it. Fuel station will repair a non-hive vehicle to full health.
  3. Will there be a ETA on the release of your fork salival? I'd really love to take a look at it!
  4. Cheers. I was trying to figure out a way on how to save both buildings and static weapons to the database, have you managed to crack that yet? I was thinking of a solution to add a extra variable to the list. In short it'd be a true and false. If it is a building then it'd be true and if a static gun then false. In this I tried to find a way to call a section separately in Player_deploy.sqf namely this: If this script is like this, then it will save buildings, if it is like this however: Then it will save static weapons. You said that PVDZE_veh_Publish2 had a wrong syntax so I was curious if you had this one solved, it'd be much appriciated if it was and I would finally solve all the issues relating to Deploy anything script and I could focus on other issues relating to it :)
  5. I've also run into a issue that if a player has deployed something, then they die or disconnect or otherwise, then they try to pack the deployable, they will be kicked by infistar. I'm not sure what could be the cause for that. We are running the latest infistar so it should not be because of that, yet somehow it still doesn't seem to function properly. It is a setpos kick.
  6. Yes, this appears to not function properly. So the current status with my setup is that I can build static weapons but not structures that are saved to the database. Will there be a update that would some way fix this? While I can read the code I can not produce any. So it is a tough choice between static weapons and buildings. Both are equally entertaining...
  7. I've ran into a issue with this script. It is relating to saving things into database. I've been playing with this script for few days and I do like it. In my server I run a hefty mix of buildable structures and static weapons, however I ran into a issue with static weapons saving to the database After following instructions from CappyZA I commented couple of lines from player_Deploy.sqf This section, the one commented out. This fixed the static weapon saving to the Database. They recieve their own unique IDs and are saved to the database. HOWEVER, now the buildings will not be saved to the database. However if those lines are NOT commented the buildings will be saved to the database. It is kinda funny in a sense that you choose either that or that but I'd want to know how to build both so that they both remain in database and gets saved there. How could one do so? I can't figure that section out.
  8. Any news on this? I am curious on how to get it to work.
  9. How can I mod in trade_any_vehicle.sqf to my mission file so that it functions properly?
  10. @Epoch Contributor I can't get the trade_any_vehicle.sqf added as a modded script for some reason, how would I be able to use my own version of it instead of calling it from DayZ_Code? @Hardened Anything above water is wonky since you need to use SetPosASL instead of SetPos or SetPosATL, but it is a little wonky because there is a structure as a platform.
  11. Hey, A double post but this came to my attention. In I came to a new issue. I've laid the deck for the helipad to its correct height via SetPosASL but apperantly the trader is ignoring the marker entirely and none of the purchased vehicles spawn in that spot. Instead they spawn down at the bottom of the sea. I've studied the code and I think that this might be the reason why: It looks the helipad's location from ATL perspective which means it doesn't look it correctly if the helipad uses SetPosASL. The radius for trader is 100m only but I played with it in the past and it didn't seem to matter. Currently all purchased vehicles spawn on the helipad- except instead of following the ASL x,zy,z it ignores Z entirely and thus the vehicle spawns at the bottom of the sea. The marker that indicates where the vehicle spawns appears 500m in to the air. This time the vehicle doesn't spawn there of course hah.
  12. Thank you kindly for your answers. I will update the server to
  13. I see, I'm still using Are there any work around?
  14. So does nobody know? Has no one ever experienced the same issue?
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