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  1. Ah ok, I understand now. So I pasted that into my init.sqf, however i already had a if (isserver) then parameter, so I would put that in to that same paramater correct?
  2. Well this is what I currently have: it would seem that i dont need this part? and then after i take that out i just copy paste the rest into the mission? I really have no idea what i am doing when it comes to scripting. All the scripts that I currently am running on my server had fairly detailed instructions on how to install them. That being said, I know it seems easy to everyone else to just say "run this server side", but I actually don't understand what that means. I appreciate all the help I can get on figuring out where to put certain stuff within all my server files. And thank you for providing the code He-Man, but could you provide a little more detailed description of what I need to do with it?
  3. Quick question for you guys. I notice that the colored circles defining the safezone on the map does not come with this script. So I went into the editor and made my own circles and now i am just curious where to go from here as far as getting them to show up on my map on my epoch server. So when I originally made the circles, it saves the file as a pbo in my Arma 3 folder. Where would I add that to my server to make it show up (and stay) when the server starts up? Also is there anything I would need to put into the init or some other file to call it to start up? Thanks
  4. Hey, Thanks for the quick response. So, I took the exception that you put to try, and put that on line 12, then line 13, then both lines. Then I tried without the = after the ! (so it doesnt have to be an exact match? correct me if im wrong) and none of that worked either. Lastly I tried putting your exception with and without = on both lines, and my exception with and without the = on both lines and it STILL will not work lol. Any more suggestions?
  5. Hey guys, I have run into an actually interesting error. I am trying to set Battleye filters for my server so I don't keep getting kicked and can actually turn battleye on and play. So, I join the server, get the restriction number, find that in my rpt and then make an exception to it using Batleye Script Filters Tool. However I am encoutering this error (Script Restriction #10), that I made the exception for and put into the scripts.txt, and even after that I continue to get that same error. So here is the script restriction. my script.txt So, I tried to put the exception on line 12 where it should go. Then I tried line 13 because of this: /* a: reyhard adds ability to move around flying c130 cargo bay kind of attachToWithMovment but using attachTo command */ And Finally I tried to put it on both lines for the hell of it. I cannot figure this error out. From what I understand, if you make an exception to something then you dont get kicked for it anymore, but that has not been my experience thus far trying to fix this. ANY help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. yes, i have both passwords set up and the same in infiSTAR, and my rpt doesn't have any errors in it. I tried to watch youtube videos and follow along with what they are doing and still doesn't work. The most recent attempt I made was removing all my mods and reverting everything back to vanilla (besides epoch) and then trying to put infistar on and it still will not work.
  7. Hey all, I know this is not the infiSTAR support forum, but it seems that many of you are running infiSTAR on your servers, and alot of you really know what you are doing when it comes to all this script stuff. So I will give a breakdown of my situation. I rented a game server to run Epoch on. Epoch runs great. Then I bought infiSTAR, because I want to be able to use that toolkit to easily rid my server of cheaters. I have followed the instructions to the letter (as much as I could anyways because it doesn't seem to me like the installation.txt is translated properly) but no matter what I do I cannot seem to get infiSTAR to work. I have the epochAH turned off, battleeye turned on, I really do not know what to do. If anyone could offer any assistance to me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all
  8. Ok nevermind about the battleeye changes for cup for now. I took out all the cup mods and now battleeye is working fine.
  9. Ya, this website doesnt seem to allow me to attach that file. I did however figure out and fix my problem, after alot of searching through logs. Anyways, if you choose to remove anything from your files make sure you dont leave any *'s hanging around.
  10. Grahame, I would love to get a hold of those BattleEye changes for CUP, as I really want to use the mods, but they are breaking my server. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, I'm having a weird problem with updating the HSpricing. I am trying to add a majority of the CUP-Weapons/Units/Vehicles. I have my regular HSpricing.hpp in my server right now and it works fine. But when I try to put the hew HSpricing into the server, the the Survival filter that shows on the bottom of the server in the launcher disappears, all the player slots get filled with AI, my player character does not load in properly, the spawn box disappears. I really have no idea why this would happen, and I have not seen anything about anyone else having any problems like this. To me it seems very weird that this would happen because of the HSpricing being changed, but when i revert my server back to my other one it works fine. I'm honestly lost with this at this point and any help would be greatly appreciated.
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