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  1. Whos the author? Im not bad with linux or scripting (not a dev by any means, but I can linux around pretty well). Please let me know when you can. With regards to 1051, I can get servers up and running in Linux, but inevitably the Server stops consistently writing to the DB. It will write to the DB a few times and then after being up a few hours very infrequently works. The verbose logging doesnt show anything apparent as I have googled and tracked down every output that seems suspicious all to some eventual bug, but nothing pointing at a DB issue. Let me know when you can and Thanks!
  2. Im looking for a little help in upgrading a 1051 Linux A2 Epoch DayZ server to 106. Created another post in the forums but Im getting a little frustrated. Please help. Thanks!
  3. Still could use some help here... With regards to A2 DayZ - I downloaded the 106 server and client files, followed the instructions, but when I go to launch the server (using ./restarter.pl) if just flat out stops... For the life of me I cant find ANY log files and at the console I dont see anything verbose. Anything would be helpful... If I stay with Jahangir13's default load of 1051 and add a cpl mods, the server begins to be unable to write anything to the database... Zero idea why... The two mods Ive added are the AGN trader safe zone and Someone elses mod for refuel/repair/re-arm at the service stations. Those are the ONLY 2 mods I added... They mods work beautifully, and Im not sure they are the reason why the server cant write to the database, but I'm not a DBA and cant fix the DB... In some ways it does write to the DB in that if I take a vehicle and move it. The vehicle position is recorded but not any contents if anything was added. Would very much appreciate some help!
  4. @schwanzkopfhegel - Can I PM you on some questions I have with setting up a server? schwanzkopfhege schwanzkopfhegel
  5. I setup a new EPOCH ARMA 2 server using this guide: Arguably the best guide I have seen to date explaining pretty much everything to get it actually operational. Mine is actually running, but I have (so far) 2 issues: 1. How do I get to 1.0.6? 2. The server is having trouble consistently writing to the DB and I cant find any real issues stemming from an issue with the DB... I setup a new EPOCH 1.0.4 ARMA 3 server using this guide: and "out of the box" it runs, but thats about it. I fresh spawn everytime and Im not sure where to modify the profiles so that you can be 3rd person and have a weapon crosshair. When I fresh spawn it looks like you are spawned beneath the world and you cannot see anyone else who spawns. I dont see any zombies, loot drops or vehicles. So with ARMA 3 EPOCH, I need a few more pointers on what I need to do to get this playable. I think it may be due to the fact that theres no DB. Still working on this as well. Id like to add that the linux game server manager web site is pretty decent at insatlling an arma3 server. My problem with that is trying to get Exile or Epoch running on it. Any ideas there would be GREAT! I would appreciate ANY help and I have a Teamspeak server if you would like to talk voice to help me in real time. Please PM me for details. Thanks! DEATH
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