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  1. Im not sure what you mean & what i need to do with that. Its like bec just doesnt work but it does it opens the closes after it finds the server and joins it
  2. Hey guys I have spent the last 6hrs trouble shooting BEC which i just installed. getting not errors in the Bec logs and the rcon thing is connecting to the server just scheduler, commands and admin,xml's dont appear to be working. here is my config here is my scheduler.xml here is my admins.xml not sure what UID to use so iv put both Heres my commands.xml Iv made sure there is a bans.txt etc and all that so Im not sure whats wrong
  3. So I decided to install WAI as it comes with better stock missions then DZMS. so I downloaded the 2.20 version Or what ever it is then read that i needed to add the 1.0.6 update code to it, so i did but now the missions are spawning the boxes are spawning, and the ambient crashsites/ wrecks etc but no AI are spawning I am also running DZAI for roaming Helis(if that effects it) and dzai are working perfectly fine. Any ideas
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/file/iy1vjyhpt1gce7t/DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.zip here you go
  5. I have tired both custom variables and bottom of init.sqf and it doesnt work
  6. where in dayz_server.pbo are you putting it
  7. is there something im missing iv done all this Then I have 1 door and 2 wood walls placed down and i set a satchel charge on them and it gets 33% damage still
  8. iv done all that to the word but its still not working
  9. I discovered that DZE_GodModebaseexclude can be defined in the init file the the DZE_GodModebase =true; doesnt seem to work at all
  10. Is there away to make everything indestructible except doors in epoch 1.0.6? I see there is scripts for older versions but they don't work in 1.0.6
  11. Iv attempted to customize my traders by editing the BanditMilitaryArmed.hpp as I am trying to add a bmp etc but it does not seem to work anyone able to help Using epoch 1.0.6
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