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  1. This did work for me. I can buy and sell and it correctly adds and subtracts crypto. This also works for the re-arm and repair script.
  2. I am having trouble with money not being exchanged and I have made sure to change the HALV_takegive_crypto to the following: Changes were made using page 38 and page 46 of this topic.
  3. No I haven't used this tool before. Adding the three lines as additional filters has solved the #32 kick but there is a bunch of other restrictions in the log after I ran the server with the action being taken change from 5 to 3 to just log violations. The BEM tool doesn't seem to be correctly importing from the log files, I just get an empty screen with a loading bar that says done. Should I be going through my scripts.log and adding every violation as a new filter to the correct lines using BEM? I did this and haven't run into any issues yet so I'll keep adding any restrictions as they pop up. Thanks for the help.
  4. I am having trouble installing this script to my server. I have followed the instructions contained in the readme disregarding the exec edit to befilters, as an earlier post said to do. I have changed my HALV_takegive_crypto to match the post by C4 I am getting kicked for a script restriction #32. scripts.log scripts.txt befilter server.rpt client.rpt
  5. I fixed it, turned out to be a problem with the server host.
  6. I can't figure out how to get this to work. I followed the two guides linked on your Github. I'm using a survival servers as a host and my missions folder does not contain a dayz_code folder so I thought I could just place it within my mission folder then change where the files were looking to "DZAI_Client\dzai_initclient.sqf" instead of "dayz_code\DZAI_Client\dzai_initclient.sqf" and everything would be fine. It does not appear to be loading when a player connects. I've attached a screenshot of the mission folder I am able to download from the server host and a link to my RPT file. https://pastebin.com/qWf3PMfY
  7. Will this work for an Overpoch server?
  8. I found the trader files in the dayz_code. I edited the FriendlyToolBeltsItems.hpp file in Config\CfgServerTrader\Category and added this to it class ItemRadio { type = "trade_weapons"; buy[] = {1,"ItemGoldBar"}; sell[] = {5,"ItemSilverBar10oz"}; }; The radio still does not show up in the trader inventory. Are there other files that need to be edited?
  9. I can't seem to edit my database in Epoch I've added the correct lines into the traders_data, '8024', '[\"ItemRadio\",3]', '10', '[1,\"ItemGoldBar\",1]', '[5,\"ItemSilverBar10oz\",1]', '0', '510', 'trade_weapons'. I followed NoxSicarius's instruction on trader editing here I've followed this tutorial and even added the radio to every Tools tid I could find. I noticed that the table of Trader_items no longer exists, is my database missing tables? I've also noticed some odd things about my tables, like the parts trader for Stary doesn't seem to exist in my server_traders and that my chernarus11.sqf spawns traders that are part of other instances like Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 who is specified as instance 17 in the server_traders.
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