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  1. keepalive

    tnx i fix this i make # before value 3 is set as default if this parameter is not defined. and now all bans get in bans.txt before now i have one problem i have i have latest build from ibattle.org and have windows sevrer 2012 in C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\SKBT_Data only skbtConfig file
  2. keepalive

    file2.txt is not a valid file!
  3. https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagls-mission-system-v-2.0.2-updated/blob/master/custom_server/AIMission/findWorld.sqf
  4. спасибо за совет я попробую а может поменять координаты кругам?
  5. if i change only circle pos?
  6. and one in scripts.txt i dont have 7 setMarker at all but it add it myself
  7. i whant now its too how change positions and how delete traders i whant only one on the map plz help somebody
  8. ok i try it cheers and one more on github custom_server is folder its right? i think its should custom_server.pbo no?
  9. tnx for replay but on github.com in mpmissionn folder not cherno can i use altis folder?
  10. addon AIA_Core requires addon A3_AIR_F_Gamma_UAV_01 i have 1.60 and get it error I know aia not supported anymore and all got CUP_Terrains but i dont get more 7gb CUP on server can i use old AIA on 1.60 epoch ?
  11. yes i found it tnx ii have one question it not about build @allinarmaterrainpack 2015_01_01 works for all version arma 3 1.52 and 1.60? can i use @allinarmaterrainpack for both versions
  12. hi all whare can i download Server files Build 050 for epochmode