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  1. Hey man, I checked your config out. Works great so far! Thanks a million dude, awesome!!!!! Hope I'll get the extras implemented...
  2. Thanks man, server is working again. Advanced trading only works on a few traders, not all :-( Also, even though I have lots of coins I can't buy anything. It says that I need xxxcoins to purchase whatever I'm trying to buy?! So it thinks I have no money???? I'm puzzled
  3. Cool, thanks. I have renamed it to compiles.bak in dayz_server.pbo and made the changes to the init.sqf in my missions folder. I also added your custom folder to my missions folder. Then I commented the line about fn_selfactions out in my dayz_server.bpo It's not working, I don`t know what the problem is. When I try to connect mto my server it gets stuck on the loading screen after the lobby :-( If you could take a look I would very much appreciate it :-) https://www.dropbox.com/s/imus73efj8suxtm/dayz_server.zip?dl=0 Thanks!!
  4. Thanks again. I have now changed to hosting an Overpoch server as I like thr idea of having more choice. Also it should work better with Zupa's single currency and advanced trading. Single currency works fin now but unfortunately the traders in Stary (I only ever test with those to start with) don't all have the advance trading menu activated for some reason. Can you tell me where to add the trigger so the advanced trading menu opens foe a trader of my choice? Also I saw that the traders now have many iteam double, not all but quite a few. Will I have to edit the DB to clean this up? Thanks again! Regards
  5. Hi again, I have setup a new server and followed your recommendations in regards to the sequence. It sort of works now but there are a few little issues. ZUPA's single currency script is based on his Overpoch server. I'm only running an Epoch server. I had to customize the Overpoch items so they don't show up. That worked fine. What is happening now is that the utility trader in Stary doesn't show anything for the category "money". Also I can't buy anything through the advanced trading menue (normal weapons from the guy in the tent in Stary). I can see all the weapons and add them, the buy/sell price is displayed correctly, I have enough coins, but it tells me "you need xxxx coins to buy this item". It's weird. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  6. Hi Juandayz, that might be the best idea. I'm running a fresh Arma 2 Dayz Server and have been trying to modify it from scratch anyway. I had WAI, Lift& Tow, self blood bag, admin menu, fun menu and weather running fine. All that wasn't too hard, but the advanced trading and single currency really messed everything up. Your reply has helped in another way as it sounds like I have to copy the entire package (Zupa single currency) over to my server. From the manual I understood you should only copy the ZSC folder across and modify a few existing files. That sort of didn't make sense to me but I still stuck to it anyway. Tomorrow I will try and copy the whole package over to my server. This could be a real noob error ;-) Thanks again!
  7. Thanks again for coming back to me, really appreciate it. Unfortunately I have both your suggestions in my code. Single Currency is set to true and i have changed the currency name to "coins" so it matches my setup. The #include "ZSC\config\cfgServerTrader.hpp" is also included in my description.ext. Can you tell me which files are needed in order to get advanced tradeing working? I have the feeling something is missing of linking to the wrong files somehow. Thanks again!
  8. Hi Juandayz, I now have the advance trading menue show up, but it is empty, No itemas at all. When I go to the normal trader menue I see all items including the Overwatch items at the gun trader in the tent in Stary and the vehicle trader. The black market trader seems to be normal. The advanced trading menu doesn't show any items at all. As I want to use ZUPAs single currency and storage I changed all code to reflect that. I see the coin symbol and "0 Coins". From the normal trading menu I can buz all items even though I have no coins!? When I sell items through the normal trading menu I don`t get any coins for them. Also I can only buy and sell items from normal traders menu. this works without needing any coins and I don't get any coins when I sell. Any help is appreciated. Thanks! 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zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView Strange convex component132 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView Strange convex component133 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView Strange convex component134 in zero_buildings\models\mil_house_i.p3d:geometryView "Admin Tools: config.sqf loaded" "Admin Tools: variables.sqf loaded" "Res3tting B!S effects..." "HIVE: Starting" "HIVE: trying to get objects" "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf:Monitoring Remote Exe..." Warning: z\addons\dayz_communityassets\models\compass.p3d:0 Error while trying to generate ST for points: 863, 853, 852 "HIVE: found 389 objects" "HIVE: Commence Object Streaming..." Error in expression <83,1.526e-04]],[[[],[]],[[],[]],[[],[]],any],[],0.997,0.0]> Error position: <any],[],0.997,0.0]> Error Undefined variable in expression: any "HIVE: got 61 Epoch Objects and 328 Vehicles" AH6X_DZ: FLIR_turret - unknown animation source FLIR_turret AH6X_DZ: FLIR_gun - unknown animation source FLIR_gun UH1Y_DZE: ObsTurret - unknown animation source ObsTurret UH1Y_DZE: ObsGun - unknown animation source ObsGun Cannot create non-ai vehicle 350z_city, "HIVE: Vehicle Spawn limit reached!" "HIVE: Spawning # of Debris: 500" "HIVE: Spawning # of Ammo Boxes: 3" "HIVE: Spawning # of Veins: 50" "Total Number of spawn locations 5" "EPOCH EVENTS INIT" "DEBUG: Too many at [6796.47,2670.36]" "DEBUG VEIN: Too many objects at [6763.5,13463.9]" "DEBUG VEIN: Too many objects at [5160.8,9132.99]" "DEBUG VEIN: Too many objects at [5157.95,9128.66]" Server: Object 3:6 not found (message 94) "TIME SYNC: Local Time set to [2013,8,3,12,43]" Warning: looped for animation: ca\anims\characters\data\anim\sdr\mov\erc\stp\non\non\amovpercmstpsnonwnondnon_amovpercmstpsraswpstdnon_end.rtm differs (looped now 0)! 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[5238.83,8810.14,0]" "WAI: Spawned a group of 4 AI (Bandit) at [5238.83,8810.14,0]" "WAI: Spawned a group of 4 AI (Bandit) at [5238.83,8810.14,0]" "WAI: Spawned a group of 4 AI (Bandit) at [5238.83,8810.14,0]" "WAI: Spawned a group of 4 AI (Bandit) at [5238.83,8810.14,0]" "WAI: Spawned a group of 1 AI (Bandit) at [5238.83,8810.14,0]" "WAI: Spawned in 2 M2StaticMG"
  9. Hi Juandayz, thanks for your quick response. I have replaced all "intentories" and checked the switches for using single currency in the config.sqf. Still I`m getting really weird behaviour. At the moment I`m not even getting the advanced trader menu anymore :-( I might pull a fresh copy of advance trade and single currency and start from scratch. Do you have any recommendations on what package works well with Chernarus Epoch Thanks again!
  10. Hi all, really happy to see such an abundance of information for scripting Day Epoch. Just got into playing DayZ Epoch a few weeks ago and now had to rent my own server :-) I´m running Epoch and have so far managed to get tow and lift, money storage, WAI, admin menu, fun menu, (advance trading), (single currency) and a debug monitor showing blood, weapon, fps etc. working. Well, sort of working. The problem I´m facing right now with Zupa´s advance trading 2.1 and Zupa´s single currency is this: If I want to buy a weapon from the same trader, I can choose it and when I hit "buy", I get a message saying it cost xxxx coins, even though I have enough coins. I don´t get the weapon. With the black market trader in Stary I don´t even get a trader menu. Not the advanced one nor the normal one. Basically, all the item/vehicle/weapon/ammo lists are messed up somehow and I can´t buy or sell stuff except my trusty old makarov. I even get the money when I sell it, hey! I have searched the forum for "item list", "price list" "setup+standard+trader+single+currency" , "setup trader", "price list setup" and that kinda stuff but could`t find anything that would help me. I don`t understand where all the bits and pieces are that make this work correctly. Any help is appreciated. Cheers
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