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  1. Hi i got this error and i use all tool to editing BE script butn ot working , someone can help me ? #0 "CBAs" = ["ace_markers_sendMarkersJIP",[<NULL-object>]] i dont know or to write it to fix my problem , i try alot of kind but nothing work thanks for your help
  2. yeah now its work but i have another and i relaly dont know how write it in my publicvariable.log i have this : #0 "CBAs" = ["ace_markers_sendMarkersJIP",[<NULL-object>]] and in my createvheicule : "Logic" how i write it this ?
  3. Hi guys i have a problem with the battle eye filter i had all filter in the script.txt i use to the BE filter editor and its not working i receive all the time this error : #0 ",0.35]; [_text,_xcoord,_ycoord,_screentime,0.5] spawn BIS_fnc_dynamicText; uiSleep 3; blck_processingMsg = -1; }; fn_mission" someone can help , i try alot of way but not working
  4. good ill try it right now , and if i have some issue ill write it , i dont wanna disturb you just helping you :) thanks again seriusly dude great job , dont let this mod abandoned :)
  5. thats it , i finaly find the error code [] execVM "\q\addons\custom_server\in> 22:43:13 Error position: <}; [] execVM "\q\addons\custom_server\in> 22:43:13 Error Missing { 22:43:13 File q\addons\custom_server\init\blck_init.sqf, line 100 22:43:13 Error in expression <_Blue] spawn blck_fnc_missionTimer; ill try to solved it but i'm not perfect in code so if you know the solution let me know ^^
  6. one question @Ghostrider-DbD- your mod , when the mission start to appear ? with the server start or just when one player get in the server ?
  7. but no mission appear , i will try to delete all the file , drop de database and restart , come back soon
  8. i just install it , i plau for a 10 minutes and no longer mission appears , i'm waiting and try to re-installe it if is not work and i let you come back after that hoo and same issue here : Warning Message: Script \q\addons\custom_server\DLS\DLS_init.sqf not found
  9. in the link i have at the first page is the version : _blck_version = "6.1.6 Build 11"; and the last change is aa 6 days ago there : https://github.com/Ghostrider-DbD-/blckeagls-Revisited where is located the download link for the 6.2 ?
  10. i use the download at your first page of this post , so i guess is the mod up-to-date 6.2 , hoo the mod of zombie i use is yours too its for that i take to be sure he have no incompatibilty
  11. Hello all I'm new with Epoch but i play alot with Exile but i have a problem with this script When i start my server all is fine and all works good , after a time the mission disapear ( its normal) but no more new mission appears and i dont know why i just use this mod and epochZ to have some horde in the map and thats it . thanks to all for your help and sorry for my english