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  1. Problem solved with help from Juan Salval thanks for the attention It was always silly. Thank you for listening.
  2. I tested the server without infistar it and it continues deleting body I used your modpack 162 to go faster then added wai dzms and spaw select
  3. Does this part keep the body just 2 minutes to be looted?
  4. yes i use wai dzms vkc garagem virtual and the infistar version is infiSTAR.de-A2-v1447-28-12-2017
  5. Hello friends I've been having some problem that I do not know how to solve The First one is not marking his body after he dies on the map The second bodies after they die disappear in 20 seconds Use Infistar Does anyone know why? Thanks for listening
  6. Hi friend, I tried to use their mods but I'm having a lot of problems with the battleye filters Use Infistar version infiSTAR.de-A2-v1447-28-12-2017-22-42-10 Almost you use could you pass me the filter you're using?
  7. Hi, friend, I put the script. but they are still there when they leave and enter the vehicle they do not die and they do not attack
  8. Hello my server restart every 4 hours do I need to change anything? Because it is not making the effect of day and night Would using Infistar have any problems?
  9. Hello friend, is it working normally?
  10. RPT LOG https://pastebin.com/bYEVJ4fG
  11. After putting the script of step 1 the server does not load the database is stopped in game started
  12. Juan after the modification the deaths no longer count, I put up the dzai mission to test with the bots but it does not leave the zero
  13. I'm having trouble dropping connection to the point of kicking everyone on the server. I was staying at home and started having connection drops. I switched to a vps and it also started to have connection drop I returned to host my house and returned to tea drop connection There a player asked me if there could be a problem in the server scripts Use FireDaemon, Infistar, Xampp Mod: Virtual Garage, Coins, WAI, DZMS, DZAI Has anyone seen any problems like this?
  14. Thanks guys solved the slowness problem
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