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  1. Yes, I've already edited the MaxVehicleLimit in the Server_monitor.sqf since there is no such t hing in the init.sqf
  2. Did that already, it didn't change anything.
  3. Thanks for the fast respond. In any way could you help me on the server with something? Because I changed the Dynamic_Vehicle already but cars still won't spawn in + the vehicle counter still says 120 Max. Could you add me on Steam? My name is "Reicter" same like here. I would greatly apprechiate it since you helped me with something else before. And im not a modder, nor a scripter. But I managed to get a server up and all that stuff. Thanks and kind regards.
  4. Since i cannot find anything in the internet, I'll have to ask you guys! So basicly I changed the vehicle limit to 1000 but no new cars want to spawn in. What do i need to do so they finally spawn in.. I've got like 50 cars left on the map.. Restarting the server doesn't spawn any new vehicles in... And i don't want to clear the Object_Data since there are bases. Thanks for the help! My server: [RCOVE] OverPoch|+12Mods|Refuel/Repair|GCoins|AIPatr./Milit. WAI
  5. So basicly what i want to do is increase the car spawn rate on my server, if someone can tell me what i can do to increase it would really help me. Second question is, Custom ICONS. The "Blood/drink/food/detection icons" How can i change them? P.S Sorry for the bad grammar, english isn't my main language ^^
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