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  1. @Vampire I wouldn't be surprised if in future updates they make vehicle repairing the same as in Arma 2, I would actually enjoy that more. If you were looking for a way to damage the car you might want to look into how cars take damage from stationary objects, rocks, etc and see what kind of code that it uses. It might be something similar to what you're wanting/looking for.
  2. @TheVampire Is this pertaining to Arma 2 or 3? Because I'm not sure that it would be effective for Arma 3, unless you had Ryan's Zombies and Demons mod, but that's about it.
  3. Vehicles overall should be hard to maintain, in Arma 3 I do find it a but weird that you need to find 1 Vehicle Repair Kit and 1 Salvage metal to effectively repair an entire vehicle. I kinda would like to see a sort of decay system to vehicles, but idk how hard that would be too code.
  4. If only it was that simple though ;)
  5. Yesterday I was playing with a couple of friends on a private epoch server, and it seemed like every 10-15 minutes some of us would get kicked. Reason for it? Script Restriction #29, I'm wondering if this is a client or server issue, I'm not a big coder so I wasn't able to find where exactly the problem was. If anyone can give me feedback I would appreciate it greatly.
  6. Okay thank you, I was wondering whether it was bugged or not.
  7. Has anyone else had a problem with the VIP mission in Arma 3 Epoch concerning flying the VIp in a heli to the pick up point? For example, for coordinates 035,139, if you get within 500 meters of the poick up point with a heli, say the Mohawk, or Hummingbird, the vehicle explodes in mid-air with no explanation to it. Does anyone else encounter this?
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