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  1. I too am having this issue. I have narrowed it down to being only uniforms and it's when you purchase one. Before, it use to work without issue so I'm guessing BI changed the behavior of forceAddUniform somehow. I even tried initalizing another script where a random uniform is given to players at start and the script is completely ignored because forceAddUniform is being used. Can anyone else confirm this being a possible bug? Also, a solution would be fantastic. I've already dumped several hours into a possible workaround to using forceAddUniform or at least an understanding as to why it's behaving the way it is.
  2. No problem Ghost. Glad to be of assistance. I will test your latest version and report back if I find anything.
  3. Glad to hear you found the culprit. As a matter of fact the very first thing I did was look at my RPT and could not find anything about them timing out or an attempt to respawn the missions. I have not made any changes to any of those files that you have listed. Also, which init.sqf are you referring to? The one within the epoch.<mapname>.pbo? All that I have changed are the amount of mags for spawned units, changed awarding the ai killer getting crypto for kills, and made many changes to blck_config_epoch.sqf. Yeah that was at least the idea... to change the mission timer so it does not time out for like 5 hours to prevent the issue from happening at all. Not sure if anyone else is also having this issue, but I had to comment out default2 in the mission lists for blue, red, green and orange because for some reason when players got within the 1km range the mission refused to spawn. Happened twice for both blue and orange. Not a problem at this point though. Thanks for your time, Ghost!
  4. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Been hectic with winter term starting back up at my college. Yeah I also thought it was a bit weird. It seems as though they were not spawning with ammo in the first place, never the less I just tweaked the amount of mags they spawn with and now it is running good. Also thank you for tweaking the AI difficulty. They are a lot more responsive and they are a challenge again. I took a look through both of those files that you suggested and obviously you know what we can tweak the delay of mission spawning in custom_server\blck_config_epoch.sqf which does indeed delay mission spawning initially. However, after a mission is complete the spawn timer for the completed mission does not seem to reset. Which I believe is the reason as to why the missions are instantly respawning after being completed. Its not a huge problem, just kind of weird. As for the prefix issue of the PBO, I personally use PBO Manager 1.4 to open PBO's for file editing. While the custom_server PBO is opened via PBO Manager, there at the top is a gear icon that allows you to edit the prefix of a PBO. When I first packed the PBO from github the prefix showed "custom_server" when it is suppose to say "q\addons\custom_server" (which I found out by looking at an older custom_server PBO from a while back). It's very weird that I am the only one that had to change the prefix. Not a huge deal though, just happy that I was able to get the addon to run just by changing that. Another weird issue that I have found with this mission system is that the missions "time out" after about an hour. This isn't the problem of course the problem is that after these missions time out they do not respawn again. So what happens is if they sit for about an hour the marker disappears and does not reappear. My guess is that the mission timed out, but the system did not recreate a new mission location. Not sure what is going on here, just speculation. I'm guessing that I can prevent this from happening to any of the missions by changing the mission timeout timer in custom_server\blck_config_epoch.sqf? I will report back if that has an impact. Cheers man!
  5. The AI skills, I think, are just fine. For some reason they were not getting enough ammo to battle players so I adjusted the magazines that are loaded into the AI inventory to better meet their needs. Now it works very well and they are relentless again. The PBO issue I was having had to deal with the prefix of the PBO. When I packed the PBO the prefix said "custom_server" when it was supposed to say "q\addons\custom_server" and that launched the addon properly. I have no idea why it did not have the right prefix, but hey it was an easy fix. One question I do have is there any way to make the missions delay spawning after being completed. I noticed that once a mission is complete it will immediately spawn the next mission, preventing the mission complete hint (when end condition is set to "allUnitsKilled") from displaying properly. If there is a way to slightly space out mission spawns after completion that would be awesome! Other than that this mission system is running great. Thanks for your time @Ghostrider-DbD-
  6. I actually was able to get the addon to run by making some changes to the PBO. One issue I have noticed is that the AI spawn with little to no ammo. Also those that do have ammo neglect to fire upon players. Occasionally they will fire, but not nearly enough. I was able to run into a Blue Medical Camp and kill all the AI with my pistol standing on a military building at the camp. Hopefully that puts it in perspective as to how little they fire upon the player. Before Arma 1.66 and on a much older version of this mission system they use to be very lethal. I hope that this is an easy fix because this is one of my favorite addons!
  7. Hello! I'm new the epoch forums, but have been playing Arma for a long time now. I have also built my own LAN server and have been running Epoch on that. For the life of me I can not seem to get this to work. I have followed the install.txt perfectly and no matter what I do this addon never initializes. my RPT always says: 15:51:29 InitSound ... 15:51:29 InitSound - complete 15:51:29 PhysX3 SDK Init started ... 15:51:29 PhysX3 SDK Init ended. 15:51:29 Warning Message: Script \q\addons\custom_server\init\fn_init.sqf not found 15:51:30 Attempt to override final function - rscminimap_script 15:51:30 Attempt to override final function - rscdisplayloading_script 15:51:30 Attempt to override final function - rscdisplayloading_script 15:51:30 Attempt to override final function - rscdisplayloading_script I have tried loading this addon with no other addons running just to make sure and it always displays this in the RPT. Is there something I am doing wrong?? I have packed the custom_server folder from the download into a customer_server.pbo and placed it within @epochhive\addons. I packed it with the addon builder via arma tools in steam. I don't know if that makes a difference, but either way I can't for the life of me get this to run. Any help would be appreciated.
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