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  1. I've tried installing this but all it has done was stop the missions from loading completely, not to sure how to get it working...
  2. I changed the class of the trader, it still doesn't work but when I scroll on it I can see its name which wasn't happening for the one I was originally using
  3. I'm pretty sure I have done everything correctly but when I get in game the trader I placed doesn't have the option of opening a trader menu, does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks.
  4. I've been having trouble getting the overwatch weapons into the traders. I have tried to do it with the database but I'm honestly not really sure what I am doing, when I access the traders it has the tabs in it for the weapons but none of them are actually in there. If anyone could explain what to do I would really appreciate it, Thanks.
  5. I've recently been trying to create a DayZ Epoch Napf LAN server but whenever I try and join it I get stuck on "wait for host". I have no idea what to do at this point so any help or advice would be great. Thanks.
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