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  1. i guess i found the Problem but i cant solve it! it looks like the ai cant see the palyer cause of bad player position update! as soon as u press m and the server updates your position the ai shoot great but if u move a bit the ai even shoots old poistions where u have been before is their a way to update the palyer positions more often or something maybe in the server_playerSync.sqf
  2. Thx for your help ! i made a mistake not telling this in the first place, this is and was my configs (wai config all missions must be extreme) ai_skill_extreme = [["aimingAccuracy",1.00],["aimingShake",1.00],["aimingSpeed",1.00],["endurance",1.00],["spotDistance",1.00],["spotTime",1.00],["courage",1.00],["reloadSpeed",1.00],["commanding",1.00],["general",1.00]]; // Extreme ai_skill_hard = [["aimingAccuracy",1.00],["aimingShake",1.00],["aimingSpeed",1.00],["endurance",1.00],["spotDistance",1.00],["spotTime",1.00],["courage",1.00],["reloadSpeed",1.00],["commanding",1.00],["general",1.00]]; // Extreme ai_skill_medium = [["aimingAccuracy",1.00],["aimingShake",1.00],["aimingSpeed",1.00],["endurance",1.00],["spotDistance",1.00],["spotTime",1.00],["courage",1.00],["reloadSpeed",1.00],["commanding",1.00],["general",1.00]]; // Extreme ai_skill_easy = [["aimingAccuracy",1.00],["aimingShake",1.00],["aimingSpeed",1.00],["endurance",1.00],["spotDistance",1.00],["spotTime",1.00],["courage",1.00],["reloadSpeed",1.00],["commanding",1.00],["general",1.00]]; // Extreme arma2oauserconfig class Veteran { class Flags { 3rdPersonView=1; armor=0; autoAim=1; autoGuideAT=0; autoSpot=1; cameraShake=1; clockIndicator=1; deathMessages=1; enemyTag=1; friendlyTag=1; hud=0; hudGroupInfo=0; hudPerm=0; hudWp=1; hudWpPerm=1; map=0; netStats=1; tracers=0; ultraAI=1; unlimitedSaves=0; vonId=1; weaponCursor=1; }; skillFriendly=1; precisionFriendly=1; skillEnemy=1; precisionEnemy=1; still it looks sometimes that they cant find my position even having videos where they are shooting my old position 5 meters infront of me where i was a few sec before spraying the sh!t out of the ground but not at me or walking around not reacting i dont get it thats why i work 5 days on it and still cant get it done i removed friendly behavior complety change the agressor radius to maximum no good ai
  3. Overpoch server!!! Iam trying for days now to get the AI (Wicked AI) to be good! They are dumb. dnt react like they should! They look in the wrong direction shoot 10 meters infront of you etc I tried everything setting every skill set to extreme values changed the user arma2oa profile 2 maximum even with ultra ai but still they are just bad they can only kill u if u play realy dumb and dnt move on an open field. sometimes they work good but most of the times they are realy dumb does anyone have any idea? has their been a problem with arma update or with infistar update cause the ai i remember were realy OP if u set everything 2 max this new ai arent! i even tried dzai that worked awesome in 2015 but have a look at the video see for yourself
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