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  1. I filled the position , thanks though. I'll keep ya in mind if something comes up.
  2. Thanks for the responses I have filled the position. thanks again
  3. So we have lost our coder for our server and I don't know how to code. The Server is hosted by GTX gaming. It currently isn't saving to the data base , and the coins just say ( ANY ) . I am willing to pay 40 bucks to fix the server and add eye scan. If it turns out to be really time intensive to fix the payment could be more. I would also like to keep you on the books sort of speak for future needs. And would continue to pay you for your time.
  4. yes the offer is still on the table. I Have not touched it at all. Still needs the coins fixed and the data not saving issue is still there. It is hosted by GTX gaming. not sure if that matters or not.
  5. I recently acquired a dayz overpoch server and the data base is not saving. Also the coins aren't working either. It could be from the same issue but I'm not sure. I'm willing to pay 40 bucks to repair the server and add eye scan. Or 75 to build a whole new server. Friend me on steam if your interested . Mr_Pepsi_178.
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