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  1. hi guys.dont if you could help.ive got infistar installed on my server.gone in game works as it should.ive took my uid out of the admin list gone in game again as a normal player this time and it still welcomes me as a admin and to hit f1.if i do i can bring the dialog up but cant do anyhting with it.does anyone no how to stop it from showing up to a normal player.thankyou
  2. would someone please take a look at my discription.ext i cant get the messages to come up but the missions work great.thankyou
  3. iam sorry if this is in the wrong place but i need some help.iam using infistar admin tools on my arma 3 epoch server.ive gone in as admin and the menu works great.also gone in as a normal player took my uid out of admin tools.and iam getting welcome messages as admin.if i hit f1 i can bring the menu up but cant do anything.if someone could help would be great.ive contacted infistar about this but no reply.iam 100% sure ive installed it right.if someone could join my server and test this ill send you the password and connection info.thankyou
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