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  1. Thanks so much for the helpful information! I will test this and see what issues it corrects for me. What I would really like to do is just disable the Banking GUI when a player moves. Currently its the idea that a few players can move away from the safe with the menu open. I dont want to elaborate but thank you so much for the help with this!
  2. This seems to help with the proximity of players around the safe. But it doesnt stop it all together. Is the best fix just to watch players and ban when people are caught duping? Also where can I monitor the single currency transactions. Is there anyway to monitor players current cash levels?
  3. Sorry about that. I copied something directly from Notepad++ and it formatted it strangely. Ether way is there anything else I need to modify to add the Garage as a buildable?
  4. I have added "Land_MBG_Garage_Single_A" in order to use it with virtual garages. However when I place the garage it immediately says building successful and then disappears. Can anyone tell me where I might add the allowed buildable to my Anti hack or battle eye. I believe that is what is removing them when I place them.
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