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  1. So, We have a server running the Version of Epoch Napf. Server was doing fine for the first few weeks. Then suddenly after every restart more and more vehicles spawned in. Until it reached over 1500 vehicles on our server (Max limit in Epoch_config being 600). It could be a scripting issue but i have looked and looked over the scripts and cannot find anything out of place. Although this is ARMA we are talking about. Even the RPT file looks good. So we looked through our database. Turns out our events weren't turned on for some reason. So we enabled that, Nothing changed. Did a few more tweaks to no avail. Our server has been on scheduled restarts via battleye. We narrowed it down to that causing the problem (Or at least instigating it). So we disabled auto restarts via battleye and set up server side restarts via Firedaemon. And that stopped the problem. But it is only a temporary fix to a persistent problem. Anybody have any ideas? If you prefer a faster route please join our teamspeak @ Ts.fpsugaming.com and look for Toxiin or SinistR. Thanks in advance.
  2. We had the same problem. We wound up changing the Hive.ext file, and editing the events in the Database. In the Hive.ext file (Located in your instance folder) look for the line that says: "CleanupPlacedAfterDays = 6" And change that to, "CleanupPlacedAfterDays = -1" For the next step open up your database, Then look for the events tab. Make sure all events are turned ON. Then look for the "SetDamageOnAge" event. Disable it. That seemed to work for us, good luck! We are experiencing a problem where vehicles are spawning in every restart instead of staying at the maximum limit of 600. These steps could have led to this problem so keep an eye out for that.
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