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  1. I have tried this many times and it has always settled into the correct position after a few seconds. Go build another wall, floor etc and by the time that one is finished the original one should be in place ok.
  2. nah, you can build 200 base parts then storage objects on top, they are linked but do not count to the 200 part limit. my server has 200 limit but i have hit that and have approx 50 safes, costs me around 250 to maintain, I can still place safes but not parts
  3. I dont believe storage objects count towards your total parts. Lockboxes, Safes, Workbenches, Tipis and shelves are paid for but do not count towards limit
  4. https://armasquads.com/login sounds like you want to set up a squad xml, you can attach an image that shows ingame on your clothing and vehicles.
  5. You miss the point. If the mechanic to open and lock safes is applied to doors then the doors will have the same random chance of not being locked at restart. So until the mechanic that locks safes is 100% reliable it should not be applied to doors. Personally I would leave the doors as they are, I like the fact that I don't need to worry near restart as the base will lock itself when the server restarts.
  6. no, not until the safes are 100% reliable, I have had cases where the safe were locked then after restart unlocked and vice versa. I can live with the occasional safe unlocking itself as they are protected inside my locked base, but what if my base randomly unlocks?
  7. lol the proof was shunons ban for glitching and if as you say you have NEVER seen an indestructable base then what were u saying earlier?
  8. I've not met a jammer I couldn't destroy, even if 99% is stuck in a wall, floor, stairs etc. You are not trying hard enough.
  9. thats odd because you lot have GLITCHED into my base many times now. My base is hardly indesctructable, you even took down a wall recently and were inside my base.
  10. rubbish, the base will still degrade even if, as you say the jammer is stuck in an object.
  11. Is it possible to make the damage indicator (depleting circle) for each base part only visible to the jammer owner and group. It's not cool that everyone can see exactly how much damage a wall has taken before the visual damage takes affect. Previously you would need to inspect someone's walls to see if the were damaged (rotten with bullet holes) before deciding to attack that area, now you just go straight for the most damaged wall. Fiddy
  12. FiddyB

    Maintainance Costs

    Is there anyway to change the cost of maintaining the base? Currently the server i play on has the despawn period at 3 days after paying. We would like the payment to last longer (7 days) but would also like to increase the cost of maintaining the base? Is this possible? I'm no coder but would pass the info on to our admins. Thanks Fiddy
  13. FiddyB


    yes, we had this problem on MGT server until Dave changed the config files. There are weapon variants in ArmA that have several attachemtns, if you have them in a safe they will generate a new set of attachments every restart that you look in the box. We got our admins to remove the fully geared weapons and add in the un-geared variants. This was mostly at chopper crashes. some guns still do it like the Navid.
  14. The server I play on (MGT) has the vehicle lock set to 30 minutes. This is a good amount of time as it means if you leave it someone else can come and take it 30 minutes later, you need to build a good base if you want to keep vehicles for a long time.
  15. if you want physics, place the wall, floor etc in the air, about 1 metre, it will drop as a physical object that you can then "move" while the timer is still on.
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