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  1. I add advanced trading (Zupa) to the my Overpoch server but i dont have the Zupa Single Currency mod and when ever i add this mod to my server no items/guns/tools will ever show on the advanced trader menu and i cant sell or buy anything: Pictures of the problem. Wanting to also run brief case's not single currency as i dont have it but i cant get the items working ATM really need help :) Ask anything from me for more info.
  2. Hey guys i still have no items.... how do i add items to the advanced trading menu as nothing is their its all blank. :( Do i need to add them in or something? or should it automatically detect them? Also i run Infastar plz help
  3. Thanks Soo Much Man, Im making a Napf Server...So does that change anything? Also Zupa would you be able to give me a written tutorial on how to put the guns in thanks man :)
  4. Hey Guys, Basically im making my own server and i have installed this mod but when i go into the traders no items show up, i cant sell my items and i cant buy any items for the advanced trading. ALSO another big problem is i don't know how to implement the gold and briefs with the advanced trader...Special code? please help. Much love <3 BTW SICK MOD Pictures of my thing now: http://imgur.com/a/57dZ REALLY WANTING TO JUST USE BRIEFS ATM (as i find it super hard to put in the global banking system)
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