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  1. After changing values in both of those files (just changing the one in the mission file had no affect), it's working as expected. Thanks @He-Man and @Grahame for your help! Looking forward to fix(es) in the next release.
  2. Ok, thanks. Shouldn't this also be in epochconfig.hpp? And in the meantime, where should I edit this? <mission_file>/compile/traders/EPOCH_npc_TraderAdd.sqf ?
  3. Still not working for me (see attached jpeg). The trader should have 10 clips. starterTraderItems[] = { // Starter Items for fresh spawned trader first array is classnames second is quantity. {"150Rnd_556x45_Drum_Mag_F"},{1500} }; NPCSlotsLimit = 30; // Max number of traders static or dynamic. Warning! Higher the number lower performance. forceStaticTraders = "true"; // disables traders moving from work to home TraderGodMode = "false"; // If true, Trader can not be killed by Players storedVehicleLimit = 15; // Vehicles more than x stored in ALL Traders will automatically be deleted on Restart. StaticTraderItemPurge[] = {99999,1}; // {ItemCount,ReducePercent} - If a static trader have more than x different items, on restart the items will be reduced by y percent DynamicTraderRespawnCount = 99999; // If a dynamic Trader have more than x different Items, he will respawn on another Spot (with start Items) TraderItemCountPerItem[] = {99999,99998}; // If the Trader has more than x pieces of an Item, it will be reduced to y pieces (on Restart) TraderItemsDeleteInstant[] = { // List of Items, that will be deleted from Trader instant after sell // "ItemVehDoc1", // "ItemVehDoc2", // "ItemVehDoc3", // "ItemVehDoc4" }; TraderItemsDeleteRestart[] = { // List of Items, that will be deleted from Trader on Restart // "ItemLockbox", // "ItemSafe", // "ItemGoldBar10oz" };
  4. Thanks for this! With this in mind, I tested more. It seems the max that I can get to go into a belt (e.g, mk200) is 100 rounds. What am I doing wrong?
  5. After a bit of testing with new databases, it's seems that numeric values in epochconfig.hpp/ starterTraderItems[] are being interpreted as number of rounds in a clip rather than number of clips. Is there some way to specify both, or is the starterTraderItems[] value being put in the wrong place (#rounds vs. # of clips)? Thanks!
  6. Those files should be automatically created when the package is generated. I looked at this because I got a version mismatch error when I tried the build 1077 server.
  7. Am I missing something? [email protected] ~/Downloads/temp $> ls -l total 14408 -rw-r--r-- 1 steam steam 14753093 Dec 4 10:13 EpochModTeam-Epoch- [email protected] ~/Downloads/temp $> tar xf EpochModTeam-Epoch- [email protected] ~/Downloads/temp $> ls -l total 14412 -rw-r--r-- 1 steam steam 14753093 Dec 4 10:13 EpochModTeam-Epoch- drwxrwxr-x 5 steam steam 4096 Nov 5 05:57 EpochModTeam-Epoch-2b4ec06 [email protected] ~/Downloads/temp $> cd EpochModTeam-Epoch-2b4ec06/ [email protected] ~/Downloads/temp/EpochModTeam-Epoch-2b4ec06 $> cat version.txt ; echo [email protected] ~/Downloads/temp/EpochModTeam-Epoch-2b4ec06 $> cat build.txt 826
  8. Please forgive my denseness here, I'm just not getting it. Do you double click on a seed pack in your inventory? (nothing there but "repack" for me), or do you just drop the seeds on the ground when you're standing in the garden plot (didn't work for me either)? Thanks in advance!
  9. +1000!!! CfgPricing overhaul, updates to the admin menu(!!!), new crafting that I haven't even looked at yet. I was skeptical that this release warranted a 0.5 -> 1.0 version number lift, but there's a LOT of stuff in 1.0! This is the new juice that Epoch really needed!
  10. phm

    Epoch Dead?

    Thanks for this. What about infistar's allegation that AH code in Epoch was derived from his work? Is that why the admin menu has never been updated? I really appreciate you putting a little time into clarifying where things stand today. Like I said, I'm a fan, and I've even contributed. I totally understand that you want to move on and things need to be amicable so that we don't have a situation like "Face" and A3EAI where some users got a little too demanding of his time and attention and he just walked away and pulled his code off the 'net. With all the sincerity I can muster, I want to say THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH for all the work and time you've put in to Epoch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. phm

    Epoch Dead?

    I still play Epoch. I don't think it's dead, but it's not what it used to be in 2015 or so. There's always been this "mystery" about the admin menu and apparently the consensus is to purchase the infistar admin menu rather than improve the one included with Epoch. I don't really understand that, but I am aware of the controversy of Steam ID back doors in earlier versions (it's not still there, right?) of the antihack. I'm not aware that the Epoch team ever formally addressed that controversy. Perhaps not updating the admin menu (thereby motivating people to purchase the infistar software) is some form of contrition. For me, it's not the speed of progress toward a 1.0 release. I would like to see a better inventory system. If you've ever moved inventory between uniforms, vests, or packs, you know how painful it is. I think someone said they destroyed their right mouse button playing Epoch. I believe it. I noticed that in the last few releases, most of the changes/fixes are coming from the community, not the devs. That, to me, is the biggest indicator that the devs are either distracted or have moved on to something else (or some combination of both). And that is a harbinger of the demise of Epoch. I sincerely hope I'm wrong about that. Something that isn't usually discussed in this context is the popularity of non-Epoch AI in Epoch servers. I still haven't seen anything better than A3EAI as far as static patrols in towns/cities. The popularity of these AI packages (I've used others, none have static patrols like A3EAI) is an indication that Epoch is still incomplete. When browsing the Arma 3 server lists, it's obvious that Epoch is becoming an outlier. If most server admins are disabling all the Epoch antagonists (except for cloaks, but hardly anyone wants to play at night it seems), that should send a message. In their apparent zeal to not cater to people wanting a "babycore" gameplay experience (I learned that word from this very forum), the devs have made a game that is not interesting (maybe even annoying) to most people wanting to play on an Arma 3 server. So while I might count myself among those who still enjoy playing Epoch, I will concede that I have also disabled most of the antagonists. Because the inventory system is so slow, I just got tired of being killed by a sapper or a drone patrol when moving inventory to a new, bigger vest or backpack. I know some people like the idea of "anti-camping". And a vanilla Epoch server instance should more than satisfy those "babycore haters". But Epoch can satisfy everyone with a little more granularity of antagonist configurability. Cloaks should be able to be configured to appear in the daylight (yes, I know currently they replace the "standard" sapper at night) or at whatever hours the server admin chooses. If I want a drone to appear every hour, or two hours (instead of 10 minutes), that should be possible. I would love sappers again if they only appeared like once every 4 hours or so. That would make them rare and something to look forward to. But every ten minutes? It's too much. Haters gonna hate, campers gonna camp, and server admins will cater to what they believe "most people" want. Now, let me get back to stealing some guns from this base I just found...
  12. Thanks for this. "malden.h" (the current one in github) looks a bit light compared to others. Perhaps this is what is meant by "initial support". Can anyone give me a tip on how to get XYZ coordinates for placement of objects? I'm trying to create some persistent camp fires. It seems the craftable ones do not persist. Thanks in advance.
  13. Just curious if we'll see a Malden map in the next Epoch release. Any forecasts on when that (next release) might be? Thanks
  14. Perhaps I wasn't completely clear in what I'm asking. The "epoch.Tanoa.pbo" file is the mission file for Tanoa, which is only available to those who have purchased the APEX DLC. IMHO, it's appropriate for that mission file to have the complete set of APEX items. I'm not proposing that the APEX items be added to any other mission file.
  15. Understood. I looked and they weren't there. I'm hoping to get the base code improved so that everyone, not just those skilled enough to do their own mods, can enjoy the DLCs. I've dabbled in custom modifications and when the base code is updated, it takes a significant amount of work to port those mods. I've seen a marked decline in the number of A3 Epoch servers out there on the internet. I would like to see those numbers restored to (or even exceed) 2015 levels. Thanks
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