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  1. Completely untrue, look at breaking point. and i'm not saying to use dayz code. Overpoch and Epoch are different mods. Once again look at breaking point. and i'm not saying we should be like breaking point, i'm saying we should be what the old game was. rather than change a product the people like. Think of how good the battlefield franchise was before they butchered it.
  2. Let me just start by saying that i love Arma 3 epoch, i just don't think its perfect. Over the course of Arma 2 and Arma 3 i have been a loyal epoch fan and i just hate to see the game die, Especially since the game has so much potential. Whilst i know the devs have cleared a path on the direction for Arma 3 epoch, i think it needs to reevaluate it self and go back to being powerhouse it was in Arma 2. The Arma 2 engine is a overly complex and unstable mess that people withstand because they enjoy playing dayz mod so much, over the course of 5 years epoch has been one of the leading mods in Arma 2 attracting big attention from massive communities, streamers and youtube celebrities. So much so that when Arma 3 Epoch came out there was a huge social media blast on how it would be the next big thing, and how most Arma 2 epoch fans would switch. During the first 3 months of Arma 3 epoch servers where absolutely packed, and a lot of Arma 2 veterans had switched to try and play the same Arma 2 epoch in the Arma 3 engine. To there surprise it was a different game with a different direction, which made most the loyal fans head back to Arma 2. Here are some key reasons on why i think the mod is dying Arma 3 epoch is NOT Arma 2 epoch - This is what the community loved, this is why it was so popular. Think of it as Dota 2. Same game new engine.The loot spawns - Being able to find a m107 in a small house is not what people want. The community wants High loot areas. The same concept of finding hunting rifles and small arms in houses, military grade gear in fire stations/barracks etc. and special grade gear in airports. This gives the player a sence of direction and fear in the game. People enjoy contesting for high grade loot. The best way to encourage player interaction is to show incentive in finding gear in high grade areas.The horde/zombies - Almost 90% of popular epoch servers have completely removed the Arma 3 epoch provided horde. Whilst i think the Arma 2 zombies where broken i think the community enjoyed them a lot more then the current state. I think maybe going back to zombies just in towns and less spawned could improve the interest of people to the game. Too many would cause performance issues and to some people zombies aren't a great deal.Fatigue - This is probably one of the biggest factors that completely stops people from transitioning between Arma 2 and Arma 3. Every map is far too big to have fatigue, and its a waste of a players time. Running from town to town is already time consuming. why make players wait more. Its a terrible idea and it should be removed.Gun sway / gun play- Another leading factor for those who transition between games is the gun sway. Breaking point is a terrible mod which a lot of arma 2 players play because of the gun play.Base building fixes - Whilst i like the base building it still needs less bugs, which i'm sure you're working on.Med Pack usage and reviving - I think the healing needs a rework, being able to heal to 100% with no penalty time is really imbalanced. I think reviving and healing need to have a 3 to 5 second penalty time. Having said that the E-tool healing element where you have to find the specific point is a great idea. I also think hospitals need to be made relevant again, with medical supply crates only found with in those areas. I thinkE-tool car fixing - i also believe there needs to be a 2 second penalty time when fixing your car with the e-tool, otherwise its far too hard to disable armored cars. There is a lot more that i have left out and i will add as soon as i get the time. But i really wish the devs don't take this the wrong way. I really don't want to see epoch die. I just want to play Arma 2 epoch on the Arma 3 engine. And so does 70% of the community's.
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