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  1. Thank you for the replies, I'll continue looking! Does anyone else have any idea in the meantime? Thanks!
  2. Ah, thank you. The only option I see is "Make Epoch Buildings indestructible on ServerStart!", which is set to true. Should that cover it all? If it doesn't, what could we be missing...if it does, then why isn't it working properly? Hmmm...
  3. Hmmm, I think you're right, after restart the concrete walls seem to be indestructible, but the jammers, metal and wood structures are still destroyable. We do use Infistar. Is that every structure that can be made invulnerable? If so do you know how can that be set? Thanks.
  4. *Note - I just realised I posted this in server setup, reposting in general, I'll edit the original post. Sorry admins!* Hi everyone I co-run a server, we advertise as having indestructible bases so for obvious reasons I'm not going to name the server here. Basically we had an issue yesterday where a group of players managed to get under a base, satchel charge it, collapse the floor and raid it. After that we tested against some corrugated walls, and those were able to be taken down as well...basically bases seem to now be able to be completely destroyed! I've also tested it today with concrete walls and 8 satchels could destroy them, jammers go down in 5 satchels. Can anything have happened to make that change? Was there anything in the latest Epoch update to change settings back like that? Our tech admin who manages all the server side stuff says it looks like it's always been like that and only concrete walls are invulnerable (he doesn't know about the test I've just done) but I am absolutely sure that we tested it against walls when we started the server going and they couldn't be taken down. Any thoughts or advice anyone has on making all buildings and jammers completely indestructible would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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