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  1. This been asked before but I don't think it got a response. Am getting a script restriction #0 kick Heres the log #0 "BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm = _this execfsm 'A3\functions_f_mark\Vehicles\fn_setVehicleMass.fsm'; BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm" #0 "BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm = _this execfsm 'A3\functions_f_mark\Vehicles\fn_setVehicleMass.fsm'; BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm" #0 "this select 0)) then {[(_this select 0), "", [], true] call bis_fnc_initVehicle;};" #0 "BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm = _this execfsm 'A3\functions_f_mark\Vehicles\fn_setVehicleMass.fsm'; BIS_fnc_setVehicleMass_fsm" And my scripts.txt http://pastebin.com/VZgSxp4b Can join server fine after a restart., But once the ai missions starts loading, the kick happens
  2. Same problem as above. Except I am connecting to redis remotely/externally. I just keep getting can't load dashboard data. btw @stroker. If you are hosting it locally, put in ip and see
  3. I just scripted in the simple safe zone script. But for the life of me, I cant figure out where to edit the marker restriction? Without it, whenever I join the server I get kicked with Script Restriction #42 20:22:49 BattlEye Server: SetVariable Log: #0 Ultra Bloodshed (9z85fbe9809156940294efb3f81982c8) - #0 "bis_fnc_objectvar_var" = "BIS_fnc_objectVar_obj2_2869" 2:2869 VirtualMan_EPOCH 20:22:49 BattlEye Server: Script Log: #0 Ultra Bloodshed (9z85fbe9809156940294efb3f81982c8) - #42 "teMarker [format["GreenZone:%1", _name], _center]; 20:22:49 _marker setMarkerType "selector_selectedMission"; 20:22:49 _marker setMarkerText " saf" 20:22:49 Player Ultra Bloodshed kicked off by BattlEye: Script Restriction #42 20:22:49 Player Ultra Bloodshed disconnected. While we are at it, what's up with the recurring SetVariable Log: #0 Ultra Bloodshed (9z85fbe9809156940294efb3f81982c8) - #0 "bis_fnc_objectvar_var" = "BIS_fnc_objectVar_obj2_2869" 2:2869 VirtualMan_EPOCH
  4. I feel very stupid asking this but where do I edit the marker restriction?
  5. Just went through 2 arma restarts and even 1 full system restart. Still getting the same thing in-game. ANd not just me, everyone who connects to the server is facing the same thing. Nevermind. There was a file "BEServer.dll.new" in the battleye folder. Just renamed it and I think the problems fixed. Thanks :)
  6. I was setting up the epoch server and it was working great for 2 days. Did some tweaking today with some banners and now I have a problem with battleye. I am totally clueless as to why the server suddenly wants v1.0
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