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  1. never mind, just found that post
  2. will this work on the chernarus map on arma 3?
  3. yes it was a server not ready error 02. not battle eye my apologies. ive wiped my server and am going to try again. i may not have had the launch parameters in [email protected];@EpochHive;@allinarmaterrainpack order. does the order matter? and no im not trolling, im just 2 days old in modding so this is all super new to me. sorry if im asking "no duh" questions.
  4. ive since wiped my server. i think im just gunna start from scratch. so for ive got the epoch loaded back on the server but thats about it. i keep getting kicked from the server due to a battle eye error 02. ive read was unsure how to resolve it, so i opened a ticket with the company i rent from, hopefully that will get me some where. thank you for all the help. for future reference, when i down load the aia tp lite again and try upload to the server, is there a specific format i should use/avoid or a good program to down load it? i know its a stupid question, but ive been having alot of issues getting my server to run chernarus epoch instead of altis epoch.
  5. @ Oddy-B, thanks brother. unfortunately ive been trying to use that to help as well. ive fallowed those steps to the T, but under the server listings on arma 3, it just has the name of the server, the type is blank, the mission says arma3, the map is blank and the status has been stuck on creating for hours...
  6. oh awesome! do you know where i can get version of the all in arma terrain pack ( AiA TP) for the server, or is it the same one i have on my computer already to play on other servers and just try and up load that to it? sorry new to modding and thank you so much for the help!
  7. i just picked up an arma 3 server through FPSGamers.com, and have no idea how to implement the chernarus map. i have the battle eye mod already installed on it as well as the epoch. i have searched the forums but have only found how to do this with a dedicated server. any help would be appreciated.
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