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  1. Thank you He-Man, very useful information!
  2. What's the radius of the various Jammers/PlotPoles (S/M/L/XL/XXL)? I can't seem to find any data...
  3. Hey guys, :D while messing around with my local epoch server, i found out you guys use gauges, etc... with the standard flight model on helis? http://i.imgur.com/yyYiZNV.jpg (those are usually grayed out with standard) that's very impressive! how to implement such a feature in my other missions? B) it was a custom mod/tweak made only for epoch i presume? nobody at BIforum had a clue 'bout it, so i'm asking you guys directly. ps i hope now you don't act all surprised and its like a bug or something lol ;)
  4. :lol: Jyggs, Floyd, guys thanks to both of you, seriously I signed up to the forum just to say thanks, you saved my bacon. I dunno whose trick did it, but you avoided all the work from last night setting up a local server being wasted, as Jyggs was saying, I too had followed those two tutorials to the letter only to find myself kicked every single time, but then, changed Steam_AppID.txt file (how did u come up with that?) and removing @asm (don't even know why i bothered with it in the first place) and voilà, i'm in Epoch on my local server, biggest smile on my face, thanks guys. :D
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