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  1. We are trying a slightly different tactic than most players, We are trying to keep-up and-running small caches near in strategic parts of the map. So Derezing walls make life difficult to maintained a defensive perimeter. Click
  2. Hi Can anyone advise on the issue disappearing walls on my base's? It's not very big base and a panal disappearing every few day(s) is a big stock loss and daily Repair/scavanged to me and my Partner............ :angry: There is no anammation as if they colaapeddes or blowup by player, they DDDDEEEErreeezzzz,?????? than its a data losss issue??????....., I play a rule that it's obveeeusss it a Glitch and Leave alone.... But That's our current server rule. Q is the issue going to address'd in the next update? or..... CAN u compansant with material/scavanged ways? I would bring in more 'IN' game sercruit....But I love a DataBase.. :lol: Click949
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