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  1. I've been trying to add this third person script on the server and it works great until the battle eye kick restriction. I can't figure out how to input this exception into script.txt at the end of line 60 The error { while {(true)} do { if" 26.04.2015 00:23:44: morpheus ( a1e3f73c6390bec8e56a84986d13dc37 - #60 "al") then { if ((vehicle player) == player) then { player switchCamera "Internal"; }; }; }; }; I have tried these inside the script.txt at the end of line 60 !=player switchCamera "Internal"; !="al"; !="Internal"; however no such luck :( but still getting kicks.
  2. Would you be kind enough to share the changes you made for it work properly on the altis map? :D
  3. Thanks got it working good enough :) Quick question How would i go about changing the Blue dots on the map to change the name instead of 1,3,4 etc to Convoy And do you know how long it takes after the convoy is dead for the cars to despawn? ;)
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